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Online Progressive Games

  • What you need to know:

This popular casino games choice offer massive jackpots that can often exceed €1 million. A large portion of progressive games are based on a video slot format, however, there are also progressive video poker games.

  • How they work:

With each loosing bet placed on a specific progressive slot, a portion is diverted into a progressive jackpot pool. This pool usually carries a casino defined guaranteed minimum amount that is then compounded with the additional funds. The progressive jackpot then continues to grow endless until a player wins it.

  • Popular titles:

Vegas Palms offers a number of progressive game titles including the blockbuster progressive slot THE DARK KNIGHT™. However, due to its massive progressive jackpots few titles rival that of Mega Moolah.

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The origins of progressive games

Progressive games were not introduced until the late 1980s with the introduction of multiple paylines on 3 and 5 reel slot machines. This development allowed casino game development company International Gaming Technology to develop the first progressive slot game. First introduced in Las Vegas, a bank of 60 machines were networked and 10% of the cash each machine received was added to a central jackpot. The format almost immediately gained massive popularity and was soon available at every major casino in North America. The first online progressive jackpots came with the launch of the very first online casino during the digital boom in the late 1990s.

Progressive slots

The most popular format of progressive jackpot games are progressive slot games. These games offer the same winning opportunities as a standard slot games with titles like The Dark Knight™ offering 243 different ways to win. However, unlike traditional slots, they feature the addition of an opportunity to hit a massive progressive jackpot.

To compete for a progressive slot’s jackpot, it usually requires a player to unlock a second-screen bonus game without the slot. This game is often represented as a jackpot wheel (as in Mega Moolah) with one of the wheel’s section offering the progressive jackpot amount. Players then spin the wheel hoping to land on that illusive and life changing jackpot amount.

Progressive slot games available at Vegas Palms include: The Dark Knight™, Major Millions, Treasure Nile, Cash Splash and Mega Moolah which has a guaranteed minimum progressive jackpot amount of €1,000,000.

Additional progressive games

Although the vast majority of online progressives games are slots, there are a few titles that break that mould. The most popular alternative progressive game format is poker or more specifically video poker. Like Progressive slots, these games offer the same winning opportunities as a standard variant of the game type with the addition of an opportunity at winning massive progressive jackpots.

Alternative progressive games available at Vegas Palms include: Jackpot Deuces and Cyberstud Poker.

Players with Real Money accounts can play progressive games at Vegas Palms by selecting one of the over 30 titles available.