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The biggest casino promotions

Vegas Palms Online Casino offers a wide range of the finest online casino promotions to its players. In addition to the casino’s welcome bonus, casino players have access to a number of ongoing promotional events including the casino’s monthly themed ad hoc casino bonuses. The casino also offers players access to the loyalty Rewards programme.

What you need to know

Online casino promotions and bonuses are one of the many reasons that the benefits of playing at an online casino far outweigh those of a traditional brick and mortar casino. These bonuses offer players extended gameplay and a much more immersive casino experience. Traditional casinos rarely, if ever, offer the average player bonus play or the opportunity to easily take part in a fun major promotional event. Online casino bonuses, however, are far more freely available with every casino offering a generous welcome bonus to lure players in.

As the online casino industry is highly competitive, once a player signs up to a casino, the level of customer service that player receives far outstretches that of a traditional casino. Unlike a player experience in these traditional casinos, at an online casino the power is more securely in the hands of the player allowing each and every player to take advantage of the full range of online casino promotions.

New Player Welcome Bonus

Every new player to the casino will have access to the Vegas Palms New Player Welcome Bonus on their first deposit.

What you get: The casino’s welcome bonus is comprised of a 200% deposit bonus with up to €100 free in casino bonuses.

How it works: A player’s first deposit at the casino is matched by 200% and the amount is then added to the player’s bonus account. The bonus amount cannot exceed €100 and, as a result, the maximum deposit amount that will have a full bonus amount triggered is €50.

Conditions: The casino’s welcome bonus will carry the casino standard wagering requirements.

On-going and monthly promotions

Once a player has claimed their New Player Welcome Bonus, they will then unlock access to the casino’s more regular promotional events, These themed events offers an exciting immersive themed experience with great casino and real-world prices.

For more information on the latest promotions, click here.

What you get: Each promotional event will have its own unique prize pool. Events in the past have given away Free Spins, credits, Rewards points and even real-world prizes like cruise tickets and Porsche sports cars.

How it works: Once a player has made their first deposit, they will automatically be place in the casino’s Real Money player pool. These players will then receive promotional emails and promotional messages in their casino software informing them of the current promotional event.

Conditions: Each promotional event will have an accompanying set of rules that players will need to comply with.

Rewards Programme

All Real Money players will automatically be signed up for the casino’s loyalty Rewards programme. This programme gives players the opportunity to earn extra credits as they play.

How it works: Every credit a player spends at the casino will earn them Rewards points. Once a player has accrued a set number of Rewards points, they can exchange those points for cash without any wagering requirements.

What you get: Once a player has accrued 5,000 Rewards points, they will be able to exchange them for €5.

Conditions: Rewards points will be accrued at different rates on different game types.

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