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What you need to know:

Video poker is a simplified version of the 5 card draw poker variant that traditional poker rooms offer.

How they work:

Play begins with a player placing a bet and clicking Deal. A player then selects the cards they would like to hold and initiates the next phase by clicking Draw. The player is then paid out for any matching combinations.

Popular titles:

In addition to popular titles like Jacks or Better Poker, 10s or Better, and Aces & Faces Poker, Vegas Palms also offer progressive video poker titles like Jackpot Deuces.

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The origins of video poker

Although the basic premise of video poker was first conceived in 1981 by Sittman and Pitt in New York, the proliferation of video poker as a gaming format is very much a product of the digital boom in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The first modern example of video poker is credited to Draw Poker which was developed by SIRCOMA (who later become International Game Technology – the same company behind the first scratchcards in 1979.

The popularity of video poker in online casinos had gradually grown since it was first introduced into the games suite. However, the explosion in popularity of poker rooms (specifically with Texas Hold’em) in early 2000s raised the profile of all forms of poker. Video poker, in particular, offered entry-level players a game that they could easily understand and play with little knowledge or experience required. Since then, video poker has managed to retain its level of popularity with most major casino operators.

Video poker strategy

As video poker does have a skill-based aspect to it, there are strategies you can employ to not only extend your entertainment but to improve your chance of winning. As a beginner just stepping into the world of poker rooms, the most important strategy to employ is one of money management. Once, a player has a feeling for the game and understand some of the nuances of poker strategy a hand-by-hand optimal strategy can be employed.

  • Money management

Like any game that offers both a luck and skill elements, it is imperative that you are able to play as many hands as possible. As a result, money management should be the foundation to any video poker strategy.

Before you even select a game, define your budget. Traditionally defining a budget involves an individual accepting the maximum amount they are willing to completely lose during the upcoming session.

  • Picking a video poker game

Once you have a budget set, you can select a video poker game at your favourite online casino, Vegas Palms. In a traditional brick and mortar casino, this would involve dividing your budget by 100 and then sitting down at the priced machines that correspond with the result. However, as online casino video poker games allow for betting amount manipulation, selecting a slot comes down to odds, yes odds. Not all video poker variants are made equal and you can gain as much as a 2% winning portability by shopping around.

  • Optimal strategy

This video poker strategy is based on a hand-by-hand decision making tree. Basically, you look at a template that tells you what to do for every conceivable hand that you might face. These tables are readily available from multiple sources online.


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