Casino 101: What is a Deposit Bonus?

If you have to ask what a deposit bonus is, then it’s only fair for us to assume you know nothing of our habits – a tendency to give away casino bonuses when you buy casino credits for real money.

There’s no catch, there are no tricks. Learn more about deposit bonuses:

What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is casino bonuses we offer players when they buy casino credits for real money.

How does the deposit bonus work?

The casino offers a deposit bonus to players when they purchase casino credits for real money. When players make a real money deposit the casino will match this deposit by a certain percentage. For example, if they deposit $100 and they have a deposit match of 50%, they will get $50 (50% of $100) extra as a deposit bonus. This bonus amount is added to the bonus portion of their casino credits balance.

What are the different types of bonuses?

  • New player welcome bonus

The new player welcome bonus is exclusive to new players.

  • Weekly deposit bonus

The weekly deposit bonus is valid for a certain time frame.

  • Ad Hoc deposit bonus

Ad Hoc deposit bonus are offered at the casino’s discretion.

Where to find out about deposit bonuses at the casino?

Our support team is always available to take your call, or for a chat, to address your questions and interest about deposit bonuses. The casino lobby is also available and has all the information about the casino bonuses. The casino will also send you a mail – so keep a regular eye on your inbox.

Register an account. Make a deposit, and join in the fun!

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