Should you be friends with Jane or Golden Princess?

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A friend in need is a friend indeed – now imagine a slot character, from any of the video slot games offered by the casino, that could be your friend in need.

Think good times and big wins!

Golden Princess would like to be your royal friend. The benefits of this friendship are plenty, and an opportunity to win up to 125,000 is only the beginning.  The Aztec Royalty-themed Golden Princess offers pure fun across the 5×3 reels 25 paylines video slot. To show loyalty to her potential friends, she has included game features that make playing Golden Princess video slot worthwhile. There’s a wild symbol, multipliers, scatter symbol, scatter symbol and plenty other features.

Agent Jane Blonde is deserving of your friendship. Across the 5 reels 9 paylines video slot Jane offers a wild symbol,Free Spin trigger symbol, multiplier symbol, scatter symbol, a Free Spins and bonus feature. The value of her friendship can bring you fortunes, like 50,000 in the base game jackpot, or up to 10, 000 in the gamble feature.

Ariana is a unique friend to have, not just because she can make you 30,000 richer in the 5×3 reels 25 lines video slot named after, but because she is a mermaid princess. Don’t you have mermaid friends? Ariana can be your first.  A minimum bet of 0.25 in the Ariana video slot could be the beginning of a lifetime friendship.

Log in to the casino and discover other slot characters – who knows, you could befriend one or two.

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