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Often enough casino games can be perceived as difficult to learn, play and thus even win on. The complexities of such games are more inherent in what it takes to make them and when it comes to their aesthetics. In other words, the games are meant to look stylish and this by extension can make them appear intimidating.  Also, the gaming technology has a degree of complexity which lends itself to the complex appearance of the game in question. However, the truth of the matter is that like anything that can be learned or mastered, casino games are no different and are actually very easy to play. With all this in mind, let us now take a brief yet informative look at your standard casino games and their inner workings.

How to Play Video Slots

Let’s kick things off with the most popular type of casino game, be it in a land-based casino or an online casino – video slots. Video slots are the more advanced versions of your standard 3-reel slot games, although they also exist within that realm. To put it more precisely, video slots from gaming giant Microgaming and other service providers employ visual and digital tech to spruce up the end product. Traditional reels give way to screens with digitised reels, although lately many prominent games designers have started marrying these two concepts and to great effect. A walk through any land-based casino will reveal this fact. Analog reels have been segmented with digital screens – these screens are either part of the reel or serve as backgrounds to provide additional features and/or visual candy. But this writer does digress! Playing a video slot game is quite simple, especially when you grasp the basics, which for the sake of word count, will be considered uniform. What are those basics you might ask?

  • Wilds
  • Scatters
  • Free Spins
  • Second Screen Bonuses

And that’s really it in a nutshell. Storylines, graphics and standard symbols aside, these 4 abovementioned attributes are what you need to be clued in on. These are also explained in the rules of the game – something worth checking out before you start spending your moolah.  Right, so Wilds are symbols that replace and/or substitute others to create more prosperous outcomes while Scatter symbols can multiply your winnings or lead you into the Free Spins segment of the game. Once you’ve got your Free Spins, you’re allotted a fixed amount of, as the name suggests, free spins, of which the winnings can be augmented by Wilds and Scatters.

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How to Play Slot Games

This ties into the aforementioned video slots, although we’ll speak more broadly. Slot games or slot machines are traditionally coin-operated, although this has almost been done away with completely to make way for more modern types of machines. The old one-armed bandits as they were known have become a dying breed.  To speak quite plainly, in the pace where the coin slot used to be, you’ll find a card slot – usually issued by the casino (the card), and in the case of an online casino, you’ll purchase casino credits. Key things or terms to be aware of when it comes to slot games are:

  • Spin
  • Lines
  • Cashout

Often the biggest button on a slot machine, this is the one that makes it all happen, whether you’re playing on a physical machine or an online slot. Each time this button is pushed, a portion of your casino balance disappears and the chance to get a lot more back occurs. Lines refer to the various symbol combinations offered by the game. Often also referred to as ‘fixed combinations’, each line has its own unique pattern and you can usually choose to only bet on one, some or all. Electing to bet on more lines increase the price of the bet but also your chance of winning. The old adage of big risk and big reward might come to mind. The cashout button is pressed when you’d like end the game.

How to Play Blackjack

Often touted as a game of strategy, blackjack in land-based casinos and online blackjack in internet casinos, is a game of uniform rules and one that’s easy to play. However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s easy to win or master. However, if you’ve ever harboured a liking for casino card and table games, then blackjack is a pretty good place to start. Today’s technology has also seen this game become portable thanks to tablets and smartphones. You may have come across the term, ‘mobile blackjack’. Like many good card games, the goal is simple, but the machinations are varied. In other words, your goal is to best the live blackjack dealer (if you are playing online) or reach 21 (blackjack).  The most basic rules and terms you need to know are as follows:

  • Hit
  • Split
  • Stand
  • Double Down

Once you’ve been dealt your cards, the first decision you can make is whether or not you’d like to Hit or Stand. Should you elect to hit, the implication is that you request another card from the dealer, a decision that should be made based on what you have before your eyes and the value it equates.  If you’re happy with your cards, you will indicate to the dealer that you’re going to Stand, which means no more cards for you and that the dealer can reveal his final card. If you receive two identical cards, it’s recommended that you split them and create two different hands. Always split a pair of 8’s or a pair of Aces. Remember though that splitting a hand means making an additional bet also. If you’re feeling confident about your hand, then electing to Double Down could double your winnings, or your losses. When you double down, you’re allowed to double your wager after your first bet. However, you’re only allowed one more card.

How to Play Roulette

Rounding off the list of standard and/or typical casino games is none other than roulette, a game with a rich history and one that has really stood the test of time. We’re not going to journey back into the 18th century to cover its creation, but we are going to cover some its basic rules. Today roulette exists in its physical from and a number of digital forms, namely online roulette, mobile roulette and live roulette. All versions make use of the same rules so take your pick. Here are some applicable terms you need to know:

  • Red/Black – Colour
  • Numbers
  • Columns

For the purposes of economics we will simply cover these simple yet essential terms. Roulette is one of those casino games that has something for everyone. In other words the spread of betting options is such that it can suite most pockets. However, let it be known, that unlike slots, roulette does require that you have a little something in your pocket before venturing down its alley. The easiest way to start is with a colour bet; so just bet on red or black. Your chances of winning are almost 50 percent, making this type of bet the ideal double or nothing option.  Of course the most cash stands to be garnered by betting on specific numbers or a set of numbers. Finally on the table you will see various columns, all providing specific types of bets.

Efficient Learning

One of the most efficient ways in which to learn the ins and outs of any of these above-mentioned casino games would be to play them for free. The easiest way to do this is to literally join an online casino and then to play in what is often referred to as Practice Play or Practice Mode. It won’t cost you a cent, you can probably play for as long as you want – what better way to learn – and when you’re ready, you can play for real.

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