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The advantage of playing at Vegas Palms is that you can do it in the comfort of your home, in whatever clothing you choose to wear. Land-based casinos on the other hand may have some dress codes for you to follow, we take a look at some of these for you, and the reasoning behind the attire:

Smart Casual

Smart casual dressing is dressing in a neat but informal way. Many players choose this style of dressing because it’s comfortable, neat, and it appears more relaxed than that of formal wear. Think of a smart casual outfit as one that you’d wear to a movie or dinner date. Below are examples of smart casual wear.


This style of dressing is between smart casual and elegant. Torn jeans, flip flops, and sneakers are examples of clothing items that are not regarded as upscale. Will my attire fit the place? This is perhaps one of the most important question to ask when deciding to dress upscale.


Semi-Formal wear is categories between formal to informal wear. Usually a semi-formal dressed man will wear a black coat with formal pants however not a tie. A semi-formal dressed woman might wear a formal dress but dress it down by her choice of shoes and accessories. Below are examples of semi-formal wear:

Enough about dress code, do it your way, play online now!

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