All About The Bill Clinton Instagram Challenge

Bill Clinton Album ChallengeSource: BillClintonSwag

When you have millions around the world looking to kill time, inevitably there are going to be a few weird things popping up online. After all, while some are happy playing online pokies, others need some sort of creative outlet. This gave birth to the 30 day song challenge, which tasked Instagram users with posting a favourite song each day for 30 days.

But naturally, as is the case with social media, someone decided to take it one step further. We now have the Bill Clinton Instagram challenge, otherwise known as the Bill Clinton Swag album challenge. Why Bill Clinton? Well, who really knows with social media? Chances are it was just the best image someone found that could be easily photoshopped for the purpose.

You’ve likely already seen the image of former president Clinton holding an album, surrounded by 3 other albums, and wondered what it was all about. Or, more importantly; how to do it.

What’s The Idea?

So, what is the idea? Simple, get the meme template of Bill Clinton and add your favourite albums into the image. Then share the results to your Instagram feed, and hey presto, you are part of the trend. But hang on, you’re thinking, I don’t have the weirdly professional level of photoshopping skills that many seem to have these days.

Don’t worry, this is one trend that has caught on so firmly that someone has had the decency to streamline the whole process. There is actually a dedicated site for it, so all you really have to do is follow the instructions and pretty much everything is taken care of for you. As long as you’re capable of following a link, you should be okay.

Now To Do It

First things first, you’ll want to head to the billclintonswag site. Now pay attention to the hilarious header that reads ‘I did not have sexual relations, for the record.’ Ask yourself if this semi-decent pun is the whole reason that someone chose Bill Clinton for the purpose of the meme template.

Below, there is a box that says ‘Search for album,’ and below that the Bill Clinton image. But note that the 4 album covers are all blank, and ‘click here’ has been placed over each slot. You can probably figure it out from here, but let’s just be precise about it.

Click the album cover you want to insert, then type in the name of the album you’re looking for into the text box. Yes, amazingly, the search is in real time, has almost zero delay, and you can pretty much find any album that comes to mind. We tested it out, and impressively even albums from decades ago come up without a problem.

Instagram challengesSource: Pixabay

Finish And Post

Once you’ve found the album you want, select it, and it will instantly appear inserted into the appropriate spot on the Bill Clinton image. Repeat this process 4 times, and hey presto, you have your finished meme. A box will now appear beneath that reads; ‘generate swag.’ Click it, and your finished image will be generated.

You can now save the image as you like, share it on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever else strikes your fancy. We admit, we’re impressed that someone took the time to make this all so streamlined and easy. Also, of course, the interest in new music it will generate is a bonus.

Other Instagram Challenges

But this is only going to take the time required to decide on your 4 favourite albums. Granted, that is what the challenge is all about, and may take you some time. But that is hardly going to occupy you until the world health crisis has eased, and everyone can get back outside. So we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to point you in the direction of a few other popular Instagram challenges you can partake in too.

For those who love to prove that they’re still working out; #see10do10 was born. This is a push up challenge, demanding that you post a video of yourself doing 10 push ups.

For those who prefer sending dogs over push ups; #SeeAPupSendAPup.

Happy tagging!

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