Could Bad Boys 3 Be The Best Yet?

New Bad Boys 3 film

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll know that Bad Boys 3 was recently confirmed. Wait, Bad Boys? You mean the Bad Boys movie franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence? The Bad Boys that originally released in 1995 when the concept of a casino online was cutting edge, and smartphones were something an elite few had, and were the size of a brick? Correct, that would be the Bad Boys we’re talking about. 

If you were around in 1995 and 2003 you’ll know that the films were one of the most beloved action/comedy romps of the time. They featured unreasonably fast cars, witty banter, and enough shooting action sequences that both the lead characters would have been disgraced in real life, and kicked from their police force jobs. All this, and not once did anyone mutter ‘Lethal Weapon rip off.’

None other than a young Michael Bay directed both Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2, though, if you’ve watched either recently, you’ll spot Bay’s fingerprints all over them. The freeway car chase in the 2nd instalment particular smacks of Transformer’s style absurdity, being extremely cool, but also lacking just about any relevance to the overall plot. Still, it was awesome.

But the question now must be asked, could Bad Boys 3, or Bad Boys For Life as it’s called, possibly be any good?

Who Stars In It?

First and foremost, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back to reprise their roles as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. You may recall that Lowrey was the wealthy ladies’ man that, for who knows what reason, decided he wanted to be a police officer. Burnett was the less charming but much more relatable family man who was always one step away from comically cracking under the general stresses of life. This time around Burnett is a police inspector, and Lowrey is experiencing a mid life crisis. The two join forces when an Albanian mercenary recruits them and offers them a large bonus.

Joe Pantoliano will also still play their boss at the Miami police station, Captain Howard. This is a good thing, because who else could recapture the begrudging, snarky, boss character as accurately?

Though, there are plenty of newcomers too. Jacob Scipio, who isn’t exactly a well-known face, will play the villain, but you may have spotted him in The Outpost and Hunter Killer. Word is he also does a voice in Bob The Builder, but don’t tell anyone, they might still think he’s threatening.

Another new face is that of Paola Nunez, who will be playing one of Mike’s ex love interests. Apparently she is heading up an elite task force referred to as AMMO, which is where it starts to sound more than a little corny. But we’ll hold judgement until we’ve seen it, since the Bad Boys franchise was always epically corny. So, technically speaking, this is right in line with where it should be.

Bad boys 3

Why Did It Take So Long?

The next question is why the heck has it taken so long for a 3rd instalment?

First, there is one glaring problem. Michael Bay is nowhere to be seen. He is not directing, writing, or even producing. Horrors. He has his hands full working on a new project with Ryan Reynolds, and passed on the chance to do a Bad Boys 3. However, the directing team of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will be taking his place. They haven’t done much that is widely known, with the films Gangsta and Black being their only reference. The two did, however, manage to get the project green lit.

Word is that since as long ago as 2008 the film has been stewing, and but there’s been one big problem. The original director was Joe Carnahan, who has a much more impressive portfolio of The A-Team and Smokin’ Aces. But, he and Will Smith did not get on well, and conflicted on how Bad Boys for Life should be approached. Apparently their conflict pushed the film into delay after delay, with neither willing to compromise.

Martin Lawrence is even quoted in 2017 as saying that he doesn’t think the film will ever be made. But here we are, and isn’t that a blessing from the movie gods?

Will It Be Any Good?

Things are looking pretty good for Bad Boys for Life, especially if you’ve watched the trailer. You’ll note that the trailer has the one thing that really holds a Bad Boys film together, explosions. So many things explode, so we’re more than happy to say that it seems to be on track.

There are also hints to the witty banter between Smith and Lawrence, which is the next most important thing after explosions. So, as far as a Bad Boys film goes, we’re getting the feeling it will probably be pretty good.

Though, as a parting thought; guess which other film Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have managed to get green lit? Beverly Hills Cop 4. The two may not be the most well-known directors, but they sure can get incredibly unlikely seeming projects made.

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