Vegas Palms Incredible Online Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are the perfect choice for when you’re looking for an instant-win online casino game. They’re a lot of fun, and take literally moments to play. There is also always the chance that you’ll win sizeable rewards! You can enjoy superb versions of these lottery-based cards online, plus other casual, slot, table and live dealer games, at Vegas Palms.

The Origins of Scratch Cards

Lotteries themselves have been popular for hundreds of years; there are even references to casting lots in the Bible. Using them as fundraisers for various causes and civic issues is a long-standing tradition, and continues today.

State lottery draws were growing in popularity in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. A man named John Koza was working for J&H International, a firm that manufactured promotional gaming cards for gas stations and grocery stores.

Customers would compare the cards to supermarket adverts, and if the symbols matched food, money or other prizes would be awarded. Koza thought the corresponding-symbols concept could somehow be tied to lottery payouts. He correctly imagined that such games would be incredibly successful.

Koza’s challenges lay in convincing government and large corporations to take a chance on his idea, and in finding enough time to bring it to life. In 1972 he earned his Computer Science Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and was fired from J&H International. Suddenly, he had the credentials and time that he needed.

Partnering with Dan Bower, who had also worked at J&H International and was a retail promoter, Koza formed Scientific Games Corporation and began working in earnest on the instant-win cards. He and Bower travelled around the states where lotteries were legal at the time, explaining their concept and trying to prove that it would be safe.

Eventually, in the mid-1970s, the Government of Massachusetts agreed to try the new Scratchcard idea out as part of its fundraising efforts. Scientific Games did all the calculations and came up with the numbers to go on each ticket. The Dittley Brothers Lottery Division printed the cards, and covered the symbols with a glue-like film to hide them until they were scratched off.

The rest, as they say, is history! The scratch-offs were immediate hits, and Scientific Games went on to produce them for multiple States. They were so wildly popular that Bally Manufacturing bought out the business in 1981.

Bally Manufacturing paid Koza and Bower’s company 2 cents for every ticket they delivered, which put Scientific Games into a very strong financial position. In 1987 the scratch-off idea was patented by Astro-Med, and the cards became even more widespread.

Vegas Palms Casino has a huge selection of top notch online Scratch Card games that are just waiting to entertain and reward you. Why not register your account, try your luck and see if you can be a winner?

How Online Scratch Cards Work

The online versions of these games have been available since around 2010. The software can be browser-based or downloadable, and the Scratch Card can be used to raise money for worthy causes or simply to entertain players at online casinos. The premise is the same as with their land-based counterparts; you buy a Scratch Card and reveal the hidden images to see if you have won a prize.

For the desktop, smartphone and tablet cards, certified Random Number Generation technology is used. You’ll expose the symbols by clicking or tapping on the correct area. Generally you win a multiple of whatever you wagered to begin with, and payouts tend to be a lot bigger than when you play on land.

As soon as you’ve uncovered the icons, you can start another round. Some players use Scratch Cards as a small break between other exciting games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker or even slots, while others use them at the beginning or end of an intense gaming session, to warm up or cool down. Of course, they’re also entertaining enough to be the main attraction when you log into the casino!

Popular Scratch Cards at Vegas Palms

The Scratch Cards at Vegas Palms are responsive and smoothly functional, so you’ll almost feel as if you are holding a physical ticket in your hands when you play. With a variety of themes, you will always be able to find some that you really enjoy. Since the gameplay is so similar, the different designs are what make the cards really fun, and you’ll have a lot more choice here than you do on land.

The Indian-themed Mumbai Magic is a perennial favourite, with a massive jackpot and a clever, Bollywood-like twist on the gaming. Instead of exposing the icons by clicking or tapping in the right area, you hit the “Play” button and they pop out of a magic orb.

Dawn of the Bread’s tongue-in-cheek objective is to match eyeballs, cockroaches and other pictures when they are revealed behind the cupcakes in a ghoulish baker’s shop. Try these titles first, but don’t forget to check out Big Break, Scratch Card and the rest of the selection. Finding the ones that you enjoy most is half the fun!

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