The Most Extravagant Casinos In The World

Inside the Las Vegas Venetian Source: Pixabay

Let’s face it, you love the comfort of your own home. You know where the best spots on the couch are, don’t have to worry about keeping up appearances, have an agreement with the dog to feed him in exchange for his acting as a living hot water bottle, and know exactly where the bathroom is. Combine all of this with an online casino, and you’re basically living the life of kings.

On the other hand, sometimes there are days when you want to pull on the most expensive garments in your closet, strut into one of the most luxurious venues on Earth, and quote lines from James Bond. It is on those days that we’re thankful for the most luxurious casinos globally.

The Venetian Macao, China

You get outrageously luxurious, and then you get locations that literally run the risk of you getting forever lost in them. It’s no joke, the Venetian Macao, located in Macau, China is so big that you may very well need security to escort you back to your room. The venue cost $2.4 billion to build, has a gambling floor that covers 550,000 square feet, and over 3,000 guest rooms. It was built in 2007 and is still the fourth largest building on Earth.

The Wynn Macau, China

You don’t really get much bigger than The Venetian Macao, so the Wynn Macau isn’t going to hold a candle in terms of size. But what the Wynn does have is an impressive curved shape to the entire structure, that must have been, frankly, an absolute nightmare to get right. The Wynn also has less than half the gambling floor space of the Venetian, 1,000 square feet, and only 1,000 luxury guest rooms. But it is on the waterfront, so it goes home a winner in that department. It was constructed in 2006.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Built in 1966, but undergoing multiple renovations since then, there is hardly as iconic a venue as Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Almost every square foot of the enormous structure is dripping with extravagant statues and eye-catching designs, transporting guests back to the times when gladiators asked permission to murder one another in the coliseum. 3,348 guest rooms put it ahead of even The Venetian in that regard, so it gets a trophy for living space.

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

If you want to combine your luxury casino visits with going on safari, you’ll want to head to Sun City Casino and Resort. Other venues on this list pride themselves on being in the middle of the action. But Sun City prefers to be all of the action in one location, and have nothing else but wilderness for miles around. Built in 1979, Sun City is still a hot favourite for high rollers everywhere. Take a look at some of the incredible stone statues of the attached Lost City resort and marvel in awe.

The Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas

Steve Wynn sure does get around. The Wynn in Macau is impressive, and the Wynn in Las Vegas is equally impressive. This one was built in 2005, cost $2.7 billion to build, and has 2,700 luxury rooms that cost, reportedly, $1 million each to construct. Did we mention there is an 18 hole golf course on the premises, and 19 distinct dining venues?

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

Not surprisingly, the Venetian is back. This is the one in Vegas, built in 1999. Need we say much more than that there are indoor canals complete with gondolas that transport guests back and forth to the various luxury facilities? Also 4,049 luxury suites and casino games that can be played in an elegant Venetian inspired setting.

Inside the Las Vegas Venetian Source: Pixabay

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Steve Wynn is making another appearance. He designed the Bellagio, which is perhaps the most iconic casino in the world. You’ll know it from its beautiful fountains just outside the front entrance. The Bellagio was constructed in 1998, was the setting for Ocean’s 11, and is everything you want in a luxury casino, and a whole lot more.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

It isn’t the biggest on the list by a long shot, but is the second most expensive casino to have been built, costing $5.5 billion. Why? Because the whole venue is elaborately designed around the waterfront. Do the various lights shimmer and dance dramatically on the water at night? Of course. That’s why they built it there in 2010.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Remember the insane luxury James Bond encountered in Casino Royale? This is the place. Calling it classy is an understatement, having originally opened in 1863. We can honestly say the other venues pale in comparison to how authentic this casino is, even if it is smaller by a long shot. It has a strict dress code and is the last word in luxury, elegance and class.

Atlantis Resort & Casino, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Last on the list, but certainly not least, we have the crowning jewel of the Bahamas. If you combined Sun City with the Venetian, this is what you would get. Built in 1958, Atlantis Resort is ultra-luxury on a tropical island, in the middle of nowhere. If you’ve got $25,000 a night for the Bridge Suite you can experience this venue at its very best!

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