Why did the Super Blood Moon occur?

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We have our own theory.

If you missed the rare appearance of the super blood moon between Sunday evening and the early hours of Monday morning, you may have to wait for 2033 when it’ll  make an appearance again. What is a super blood moon and why does it appear anyway? Prophets and extremists have placed suspicion on an apocalypse. NASA, however, assured us not to worry.  In an article written for Mirror, award winning journalist Kirstie Mccrum too tells us that the super-moon lunar eclipse does not signal the end of the world.

It may, however, signal the end of Cool Wolf video slot as we know it. The casino has segued an interesting theory.

Geek by day freak by night Californian teen must have evolved beyond a mere werewolf, and the maximum jackpot of 105 000,00 that you (and me) can win across the 5 x3 reel 243 ways to win Cool Wolf video slot must have been doubled, tripled, or something. Why else would the moon go red – if not to turn our very own teenage boy into a MEGA super WILD cool werewolf?

Remember, this is only our theory however believable it is.

The winnings and payouts from the howling wild bonus suddenly became unusual. Rare like the red moon. The kind of  winnings and payouts you can only expect when a super-moon lunar eclipse (that last appeared in 1982) comes around and turns a teenage boy into one of a kind cool wolf rock-star in the wolf comedy-themed video slot.

Under the red blood moon, the Cool Wolf video slot game features, such as the scatter symbol (where wins are multiplied by the total bet staked), the wild symbol (which substitutes for all symbols but not the scatter), and the Free Spins feature, have effects on the reels that are only exclusive under a red moon.  Effects that could  bombard you with wins!

Besides our theory, find out what science reveals about why the moon turns red during a Total Lunar Eclipse.

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