Exploring The Game Changers Plant-Based Film

Embracing a plant based dietSource: Pixabay

Plant-based diets are all the rage at the moment, but they aren’t just simple fad diets that are expected to fade by the end of the year. Veganism has become just as popular as the best casino online games, and also looks set to stick around for years to come. In fact, plant-based eating has become so popular for so many reasons that even documentaries are being released to detail their benefits and effects on human health and the environment!

The Game Changers is one of the best examples of one of these documentaries. Starring some of the world’s strongest people, most accomplished athletes, and even a few beloved celebrities; the film documents a UFC fighter’s quest to find out more about exactly what plant-based eating has helped elite athletes to achieve. It focuses primarily on scientific research, and has been lauded as one of the few films that have truly turned the world of nutrition upside down.

 The Basics of Plant-Based Diets

Before we get into the science of how The Game Changers is changing the nutrition game, let’s delve into what a plant-based diet actually is. In essence, a plant-based diet is a diet based mostly or entirely on foods derived from plants. This means little to no animal products like meat, cheese, eggs and dairy are allowed! Instead of focusing on animal foods, those on a plant-based diet eat plant ingredients that have been minimally processed or refined.

Such a diet includes whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, raw plant foods, and healthy sources of fat. It also excludes processed foods such as white flour, sugar, refined vegetable oils, and food additives. Furthermore, many plant-based eaters take a strategic range of supplements including vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D3 to ensure that they are getting all the nutrients they need to take on the world.

The Game Changers movieSource: Plantbasednews

 What Game Changers is About

The Game Changers is focused completely on the benefits and amazing health effects of plant-based eating. You will be interested to note that it was co-produced by the likes of James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, all of who are major proponents of this way of life. The documentary explores the effects of plant-based versus omnivorous meals by following real time experiments on a host of accomplished weightlifters, athletes and bodybuilders, and the results are impressive indeed.

From reducing cholesterol, body fat and inflammation to building lean muscle and retaining it for good, The Game Changers proves that plant-based diets are much more than just an Instagram trend. Additionally, the documentary also touches on the benefits of this way of eating for the environment, which is an important focus considering the looming issue of climate change for humanity and for the Earth. Just a few of the environmental benefits cited by The Game Changers include less animal suffering, less pollution of valuable groundwater, and less deforestation to make way for harmful large-scale animal farms.

 Well Worth a Watch

As mentioned above, the film enlisted some of the biggest names in the sporting world to illustrate its points. They include super athletes like world record-holder strongman Patrik Baboumian, Olympic silver medallist Dotsie Bausch, and even record-holding ultra marathoner Scott Jurek, all of whom claim that their plant-based diets paved the way for their incredible athletic success.

The documentary clearly shows the difference in athletes’ health before and after adopting a vegan diet, as well as the superhuman strength and endurance that follows. If you are sceptical about plant-based diets, looking to become healthier, or eager to improve your physical capabilities, this is a film that you need to see now.

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