The 4 creepiest abandoned casinos

There isn’t much in this world that is more attractive and glamorous than a casino. The lights, design, throngs of people, and neon signs mix together to form a potent entertainment cocktail.

Well, that’s the image that lasts while the casino is up and running. But what happens once the casino closes down? Unfortunately, many casinos become ghosts of their former selves once the slots have stopped spinning and the croupiers have stopped dealing.

Here is an example of some of the creepiest abandoned casinos:

Old Casino in Orange County

It’s hard to believe that this post office and shop (located in the US’s  Orange County district of Balboa) used to be an outlet for casino entertainment and revelry. With the advent of e-mail, the post office is also bound to become a ghostly figure one of these days.

Casino located in the jungles of Cambodia

The Bokor Hill Station casino in Cambodia looks more like the setting for Frankenstein then a venue where blackjack and roulette was once played. Besides its time as a casino, the building has also lived through Pot Pot’s Khmer Ruge and the decadence of the French.


Old casino located in Puerto de Laja

You would be forgiven for thinking that this old casino is more akin now to a quant residence, and you wouldn’t be far off if you thought that – an English couple now owns it.


Old Asbury Park casino

The beautiful location right on the beach can be deceiving- this old casino is now only home to graffiti and pigeons.

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