Relic Seekers Slot Set To Thrill

Exploring dark, dangerous tombs is not especially fun. Unless of course that tomb happens to be in a fantastical world. In which case claustrophobia and the possibility of dying of starvation are replaced by exhilaration, excitement and the possibility of getting your hands on priceless treasures. Relic Seekers, the latest online casino game from Pulse 8 Studios is thankfully set in a fantasy world. So strap on your adventurer’s pants, grab a flashlight, and join a gang of bold heroes as they set out in search of the Dragon’s Vein treasure. This new high quality video slot is a cut above the rest, and will be live at Vegas Palms online casino on August the 14th!

Pulse 8 Who?

You may have noticed we made mention of Pulse 8 Studios. To which your response may have been wait, who? Yes, they are not the most widely known game development studio in the world. In fact, they haven’t been around for very long at all. But once you get a gander at the incredible high quality on display in Relic Seekers, you’ll be wanting to know about every game they have a hand in, from now into the future.

They’ve partnered with Microgaming for this slot, and their previous titles are Badminton Hero, Fortune Girls and Huangdi: The Yellow Emperor, all of which were just warm-ups for their current breakout title. Even in their industry youth, Pulse 8 have gained a reputation for putting a strong emphasis on exceptional artwork, and this is clearly on display in Relic Seekers.

A Focus On Characters

The most noticeable aspect of Relic Hunters is its focus on creating distinguishable characters. You will see their faces the moment you start playing, and will certainly be getting to know them well as they traverse the dark tomb in search of the legendary Dragon’s Vein treasure. These characters are Professor Morgan; a man that looks a little too frail to be tomb raiding. But then again he’s also really smart, so chances are he can think his way out of danger. Then we have Nora, who flies in the face of social conventions with her pink hair and energetic nature. Finally we have Free Man; who looks to have been in more than one scrap before, so get behind him in the case of danger. Did we mention also the pooch, an Alsatian named Tortas? Join them, become part of the gang, and it is guaranteed they will share the spoils with you.

Specifics And Details

So, now we know the setup, let’s take a closer look at the details. Relic Seekers is a 5 reel, 3 row slot with 25 fixed paylines. It is very high volatility, has a 96.03% return to player ratio, and a 30.17% hit frequency rate. The minimum bet allowed is 0.25 coins, and maximum bet 500.00 coins per spin. The play system uses the expected Wilds and Scatters, which will be at the top of your arsenal for loading your pockets with loot.

But that’s just the base game. You’re here to learn about the special features, and that is where this game really gets interesting. Here are the features that will bolster you to massive jackpot wins:

  • Symbol Turn Wild
  • Collect key
  • Rolling Reels™
  • Free Spins Retrigger
  • Free Spins


Bonuses and Bounty

So, those are all really cool sounding bonus features. But what do they actually do? Rolling Reels™ is a key feature. It means that any symbols matched on the reels disappear, creating empty space for new symbols to fall in. This results in multiple wins being achievable on a single spin.

The Symbol Turn Wild feature is where things really hot up and get a little crazy. For each consecutive win, new Wilds are added to the reels, granting even further opportunity to win. Each win will turn another character’s face into Wilds on the reels, which is what we like to call the ‘chain win’ effect.

Free Spins and Free Spins Retrigger occur when 3, 4, or 5 Scatters land anywhere on the reels. Up to 10 free spins are instantly granted, and can retrigger if Scatters land again during the spinning sequence. The spins will play out automatically, allowing you to sit back and count the cash.

Collect Keys also grants free spins, and will activate when Key symbols land anywhere on the reels.

Go Relic Seeking Online

So, now you know everything you need to know in order to be a Relic Seeker, and Vegas Palms Casino is the best place to don your adventure kit in true Indiana Jones or Lara Croft style. This isn’t the only quality game available at Vegas Palms of course, and there is an enormous catalogue of other titles to keep you busy.

Sign up now and you’ll snag yourself a generous bonus, which is just what you’ll need to fund your adventure into the exciting world of Relic Seekers. Good luck!

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