You can play all your favourite casino games anywhere, anytime on your mobile

Play casino games from your mobile

Land-based casinos can’t come close to all the fun, thrills and entertainment offered by online and mobile casinos. If living the high-life is your style, then take your game to the next level and play your favourite games anywhere, anytime on your mobile. Both online and mobile gambling offers players top-class entertainment and rewards – so what are you waiting for? There is no need to be intimidated if you have never played mobile casino games. It’s easy and fun and what’s even better is that you can play your favourite games wherever, whenever. Imagine how awesome it would be to be sitting at the dentist’s rooms, waiting patiently for your turn and you win a huge jackpot! Mobile gambling allows you to take your winning streak on the road – how awesome! Both new players and seasoned gamblers will enjoy the selection of table and slots games, not to mention the progressive games you can play. are firm favourite amongst those in the know. The [Read more...]

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Winners at the casino walk away with rich rewards

Lucky winners at Vegas Palms online casino!

Vegas Palms online casino produces more winners and everyone wants to play at a casino that pays outs huge amounts of lovely cash! There is nothing more rewarding than playing your favourite game and hitting a huge jackpot. Imagine what you could do with the winnings from a progressive jackpot? You could go on a well deserved vacation to an exotic place with your winnings or buy a new sports car. Vegas Palms has been consistently producing winners since its inception in 2000. As a proud member of the group, this online casino is well known for fast payouts, an amazing selection of and . Progressive jackpot wins Karin K is one of the biggest progressive jackpots winners and walked away with a $946,886.63! Now that’s definitely something to write home about. Imagine what Karin can do with that much cash. It really is a life changing win. Progressive jackpots offer the chance for lucky players to strike it rich and walk away instant millionaires. Vegas Palms has the following [Read more...]

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The cruise of a lifetime with the International Casino Games

The International Casino Games is a great promotion from Vegas Plams online casino

A colleague of mine is going on a cruise and I am insanely jealous. And while I am eager to get my perfunctory ‘wish you were here’ postcard, I know that I will have to take matters into my own hands if I really want to be the centre of attention and brag about sipping Pina Colada’s on the deck of a luxury liner while watching the sun set. International Casino Games here we come! I’ve decided that going on a luxury cruise is something so enticing that it has to go on my personal bucket list. I’ve seen pictures, it looks awesome and I want in. Now, as an individual that enjoys playing casino games, you can imagine how excited I was to hear about the , hosted by . I can combine playing my favourite with the chance to win a ticket to my dream cruise! Get a Vegas styled holiday for your PC As a leading online casino, Vegas Palms is really a treat to play at. It offers me a Vegas styled holiday from the convenience of my PC. The International Casino Games [Read more...]

Earning rewards at Vegas Palms online casino

Register a Real Money account an get a New Player welcome bonus

Well, if you read my previous you would know that I am intent on enjoying a sun-kissed vacation on a luxury cruise liner. My goal is set and as they say ‘I’m in it to win it’. Playing at offers me the chance to make this dream real with the International Casino Games promotion and I’m going to share how to make the most of your casino experience by taking advantages of the bonuses offered to new players. Registration is easy The process is quick and easy. The casino software is completely free and doesn’t take up unnecessary space on my PC’s hardrive. This is great as I need the space for pictures I’ve collected of the awesome places the International Casino Games has taken lucky players on previous occasions. There are quite a few pictures of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean amongst others. Great games to play With over 500 for me to play including the latest and hottest slots releases, I’ll never get bored and if one game [Read more...]

Make the most of your gambling experience with these handy tips

If you love playing slots games then you will love playing at. Vegas Palms online casino is one of the top online casinos in the business. As a proud member of Fortune Lounge, you are assured to get the very best service and access to the latest online casino games. Follow these tips to get the most out of your online gambling experience: Make you money go further Extend your time at the casino and play longer by not choosing ‘max bet’ all the time. By choosing a lower betting value, you can make your money go further. Identify your lucky game If you are superstitious then you will have more than enough slots games to choose. Vegas Palms has a huge selection of fun slots games, and more are released regularly. Take advantage of the bonuses offered by the casino Take time to understand the bonuses offered. If these incentives seem a little confusing, give the a call. They will be more than happy to explain things to you. These bonuses are designed to make your play [Read more...]

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