NFL 2020 Schedule Concerns And Doubts

New NFL schedule

There is no question that many put a great deal of emotional stock in sports, with the National Football League (NFL) being a firm favourite of fans everywhere. So, when the ongoing global health crisis pretty much wiped sports events from calendars, it left many in a state of disarray. Some have enjoyed the extra time they can now spend at in the meantime, but the hope that sports would make a quick comeback has remained strong. But even as uncertainty remains, and the world as a whole has been turned upside down, the NFL made an announcement. Or to be more precise; they for the NFL 2020 season. The schedule itself was unexpected, but more so that it included a full list of games, 17 weeks in total. Response to the schedule has been split down the middle. Many are overjoyed, taking it as a sign that all will soon be well, and everyone can return to stadiums in their droves. Others, however, are seeing the schedule as a slap in the face. Suggesting that sports fans would soon be [Read more...]

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The 80s Return In The Electric Avenue Slot

New Electric Avenue online slot

Welcome back to the 80s, when the streets were lit up by neon lights, boom boxes were the coolest things around, and everyone owned at least a dozen Rubik’s Cubes. This is Electric Avenue, a demonstration of at their best. It is the latest slot from All41 Studios, and is going live on the 12th May 2020, ready to take players on the nostalgia trip of a lifetime. Of course, it isn’t all just about neon lights and retro fashion. Electric Avenue also offers the opportunity to grab some big wins via multiple special features, including Neon Free Spins and Electric Free Spins. All41 Studios and have outdone themselves, offering a slot that is bathed in the neon lights of the 80s, and even backed up by an authentic retro soundtrack to boot. Retro Is Hot Who doesn’t love the 80s? Sure, there were no mobile phones, and considerably less in the way of online videos to watch, but there was also the big hair, great music, and excellent movies. Electric Avenue is a [Read more...]

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Gigi and Zayn Reveal Baby’s Gender

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

According to Entertainment Tonight and TMZ, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will be welcoming a little girl in September. This news comes hot on the heels of the supermodel and former star of One Direction revealing that they are expecting a baby. While the couple has yet to confirm this information, the source is trustworthy enough for both tabloids to publish the reveal, and fans of the couple are as excited as if they’d won a jackpot! The unnamed insider said that the model and singer don’t have a preference one way or the other but wanted to find out the gender so that they can make the appropriate preparations. Birthday Celebrations and a Gender Reveal? Gigi spent the weekend of the 23rd of April with Zayn, her mom, Yolanda, and her sister, Bella, marking her 25th birthday. Fans suspect that the supermodel combined this celebration with a gender reveal party, reporting that the huge balloons, in the shape of a 2 and a 5, each had a blue and pink string [Read more...]

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All About The Bill Clinton Instagram Challenge

Bill Clinton Album Challenge

When you have millions around the world looking to kill time, inevitably there are going to be a few weird things popping up online. After all, while some are happy playing , others need some sort of creative outlet. This gave birth to the 30 day song challenge, which tasked Instagram users with posting a favourite song each day for 30 days. But naturally, as is the case with social media, someone decided to take it one step further. We now have the Bill Clinton Instagram challenge, otherwise known as the . Why Bill Clinton? Well, who really knows with social media? Chances are it was just the best image someone found that could be easily photoshopped for the purpose. You’ve likely already seen the image of former president Clinton holding an album, surrounded by 3 other albums, and wondered what it was all about. Or, more importantly; how to do it. What’s The Idea? So, what is the idea? Simple, get the meme template of Bill Clinton and add your favourite albums into [Read more...]

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VR Meets The Online Casino

VR in action

The concept of Virtual Reality (VR) is widely associated with the notion of “the Future” itself. Maybe that’s because it is still quite a futuristic concept, in that it’s full potential has yet to be realised. Nothing dates as quickly as the futuristic technology of yesterday, and it’s almost comical to see how old-fashioned, if not downright primitive, the proof-of-concept VR technology on the mid 1990s looks today. Who remembers Nintendo’s massively over-priced and woefully clunky Virtual Boy today? That said, the VR concept remains extremely valid, and nowhere more so than in the space. It’s well known that players of casino games welcome the incorporation of the latest technological advances in their best casino games, and VR is surely destined to take pride of place just as soon as all the bugs are ironed out. As it happens, it seems that VR’s moment is just around the corner, at least as far as casino games are concerned. The [Read more...]

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