Meet Your Match in Tweethearts

Every once in a while a slot comes along that truly breaks the rules in a big way. Tweethearts is that game, introducing a double symbols system that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Single symbols become doubles, depending where they land on the reels, turning the core of slots on their head, and granting massive winning potential in the process. Try it out for yourself at Vegas Palms Casino and see why this ground breaking new gaming experience may just be your new favourite.

The game goes live on the 18th of September 2019. You won’t want to miss giving it a shot, marvelling at the overall production quality, and raking in the cash as symbols transform on the reels right before your eyes. 

Tropical Birds In Paradise

Just For The Win Studios has been making a name for themselves. Recently having partnered up with Microgaming, the quality of their games has seen an impressive boost. The studio was always known for outstanding artwork and creative new concepts, and Tweethearts is no different.

The visual theme of the game is cute and simple, based around tropical birds looking for love in the jungle. This, of course, plays into the idea that symbols can become double versions of themselves, if landing in the correct zone in the play area. Single bird symbols change, now seen with their soul mate. But it isn’t just visual. Double symbols count as two, which ultimately means that winning conditions are lowered. It’s an ingenious concept, and one brought to life in a truly charming and interesting way. Yet more proof that Just For The Win are reaching new heights.

Reel Basics

In order to land a payout in Tweethearts, symbols must be matched with one another on the reels. This can happen on any spin, with the more valuable combination created, the higher the payouts. But two special symbols, as well as the unique double symbol feature make the game even more interesting and rewarding.

The Wild and Scatter symbols are the ones to watch. Wild symbols will match with any other symbols as a replacement, which means that more wins are possible more frequently. The Scatter symbol or Free Spins symbol, trigger the bonus mini-game. Enormous jackpot wins are possible with free spins, making the symbol the most important in the game. Keep an eye out, and cross your fingers that at least 5 appear on the reels.

Tweetheart Base Statistics

In order for you to approach the game with full understanding of the winning potential, Just For The Win have furnished us with all the most important details so that we can share them with you. In this way you can enjoy the game without wondering what is going on under the hood. The game, which is a medium volatility title, has technical specifications that are as follows:

  • 02% RTP
  • 71% hit rate
  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • 17 paylines
  • Minimum bet 0.1 coins
  • Maximum bet 100 coins
  • Maximum win possible 252240 coins

Lucky Pairs

Let’s take a look at those double symbols, and understand how they work. The centre column of the reels is referred to as Double Lucky. Very simply, any symbol that lands in this area automatically turns into the double version of itself. What does this mean? A double symbol only has to match with one consecutive other symbol of the same kind. You should have gathered by now that this means massive wins on a big scale, and with no extra effort demanded from the player. Simply watch and see how the Double Lucky zone impacts the base game.

Extra Wilds

This isn’t the only special feature in the game. Random Wilds are also granted, which are added to the reels 2 – 6 at a time. Yes, Wilds also turn into doubles if in the correct zone. You should be grasping the winning potential by now, and getting a little excited.

Scatter And Free Spins

Now the big one, the Scatter symbol. Landing at least 5 Scatters on the reels triggers 10 free spins. But, the more scatters landed, the more free spins given. Each additional scatter equals 1 more freebie. Furthermore; landing Wilds during free spins means additional free spins. One more spin is granted for every Wild achieved. The chain effect can leave you with pockets loaded with cash.

Get Ready To Play

Head over to Vegas Palms on 18th September 2019 and make yourself familiar with the pairs system. There are hundreds of other games to try out while you’re there, as well as many generous rewards on offer. Slots and other games available are accessible on both mobile and desktop, and Tweethearts will also be optimised for play on the go, so you can join the lovebirds anywhere, anytime!

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