Getting Apped For Success

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Digital has changed everything from the way we play to the way we pay. Mobile shopping, mobile casinos, mobile travel – and mobile savings. If you haven’t already realised that you can quickly and easily invest and manage your money online, then you seriously need to up your savvy and check out some fintech mobile apps. In recent years, tools that help you save or invest your money online have grown in leaps and bounds allowing a Royal Flush offering of budgeting tools ranging from cashback tools, subscription management and investing on the go. The list of cool cash app croupiers doling out fabulous money saving services is growing daily and you would be doing your money a disservice if you didn’t at least give one of them a spin. In addition to potentially apps saving you hundreds of dollars a month, if you couple some of the savvy apps with a rewards credit card you’ll double up on your bonus chips!

Household saving hack

Every home executive knows that there are things that you buy everyday, every week and monthly fairly consistently. So why not use an app to buy groceries and earn money back at the same time? This is the genius behind apps such as Checkout51 which is downloadable as a free app in the App Store and through the Google Play Store. Every week you’ll receive a notification with money-saving offers that you can save and use at a later date.

Redeeming savings is easy through a snap picture of your receipt which gets uploaded using the  app’s built-in camera. The app will then confirm your savings and you’ll accumulate the cash back. When you reach the $20 cash back payout threshold, your money will be deposited into your account. Bonus!

Flipping coupons

We all love a good coupon discount, but to be honest, no-one loves cutting them out and then trying to find and ferret them out of a handbag a few weeks later. Flipp is an app that is the internet equivalent of cutting coupons!

Bringing you weekly deals and coupons, this app curates and lets you browse 100’s of coupons in one intuitive spot. It will let you know about all the best deals in your area and has a shopping list feautre as well as give you product reviews and information to ensure that you’re up to speed before you buy.

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Updated in real-time, apps like Gas Buddy allows you to find the best gas prices anywhere in Canada or the USA. This can amount to a large amount of savings over the course of a year.

From your phone or computer, search for the lowest gas prices by postal code and easily plan a trip according to the most economical fuel options, or check out your previous fuel purchases in order to plan routes better. A bonus feature is that if you report your local gas prices the app rewards you with points to enter draws to win $100 gas gift cards!

Groupie savings

Since 2008, Groupon, one of the world’s biggest discount deal apps, has allowed users to search for services, travel, products and restaurants in 15 countries around the world. You can search by location as well as sign up for notifications on sales based on your preselected interests.

Exit the emotion

With impulse buying and emotional spending on the increase the world over, this app is an interesting tool that helps you reflect on your spending choices.

Using tags to organize and track your spending based on how they fit into your life, Wellspent helps you cut out spending that doesn’t make your life better and enables you to look at how you feel about your spending choices. It uses bank security level encryption on your data which can help you come to a new level of awareness about your spending habits.

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