Megan Fox Splits From Husband

Fox and Green on the red carpetSource: Wikimedia

Rumours have been brewing for some time in various media outlets, but now sadly the truth has been confirmed. Megan Fox and her husband of 10 years Brian Austin Green have officially parted ways. It may not come as a surprise to some, like a jackpot win would at a mobile casino, but there is still a sad finality to definite proof. Especially when coming from the mouth of Green himself.

In a recent regular podcast of his titled …With Brian Austin Green, the professional actor laid his cards on the table, confirming that he and Fox are indeed taking a break. Though, it wasn’t as straight forward a story as one might be thinking. Green explained that he had been at home with the 3 children, with Fox out of town shooting a film. During her absence, he experienced a vivid dream in which Fox returned, but seemed distant and vague. Then, upon his wife returning in the real world, things occurred exactly as he had dreamt it.

Feeling Yourself

Fox explained to Green after her return home, that she had felt more herself and had liked herself more when away and working. This to her meant that it was worthwhile trying solidarity on a more permanent basis. So, that was that.

In regards to Green and his reaction, expectations were that the separation would be a devastating occurrence. But, perhaps the most surprising part of all is what he said next in the podcast. He declared that he had indeed been upset about her decision but couldn’t be upset at her specifically. Because after all, he declared, she hadn’t asked to feel that way. So, he had accepted it.

Mega Fox goes solo Source: Wikimedia

At the time of the podcast, the two had already been separated for a few months. So perhaps he had already had time to come to terms with the worst of it. Though, the real question on many listener’s minds; will Green, or Fox, or both, be seeing other people?

Green addressed this as well, not in the least because Fox had often been spotted around Los Angeles with musician Colson Baker, AKA Machine Gun Kelly.

Villains And Victims

Green again took the high road, which is perhaps far more than would be expected from most. He elaborated that; indeed, Fox had been spotted with Baker around Los Angeles. Green also stressed that he felt Baker was a nice, genuine person, who certainly isn’t up to anything untoward.

Though, Green was quick to confirm that Fox and Baker were just friends and not involved in any sort of romantic relationship. This revelation may have gotten a sigh of relief from some listeners, or perhaps a sigh of disappointment from others. After all, there has been more than one article that has declared Fox and Baker make a cute couple.

Green concluded his podcast by saying perhaps the most important thing about the entire ordeal. He stated, simply, that he felt it very important that neither he nor Fox be seen as a victim or villain in the situation. It all just was what it was, he mused, and it had all turned out exactly as it had with no hard feelings.

All said and done, the podcast by Green was declared by many as perhaps one of the most mature and level-headed relationship evolutions in Hollywood in recent years. Messy, ugly celebrity relationships have more or less become the expected norm, and for one to end in such a reasonable, amicable way is the exception to the rule.

There is, of course, much speculation as to what will become of both parties involved. Green is most known for his work in BH90210, while Fox is known for, well, being in a great many things. They both clearly still have long careers ahead of them. But the question is; where to from here?

There was no mention of divorce, at least not openly, but the feeling is that this will be the next logical step. If it is, most are assuming that the children will stay with Green. Although this all just speculation at the moment.

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