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Gone are the days of doing a degree and then working in your field for 40 years and collecting a silver pen and a pension. Today, people are more mobile and their career plans, goals and employers can change many times over a lifetime. This means that now, more than ever before in history, you have to invest in your own worth and your financial mind set in order to keep up with changing technologies and global competitiveness. You wouldn’t play the same online casino game every day, so level up and re-evaluate how you incorporate your interests, abilities, and work options to continually build your personal value. Are you courageous enough to take a gamble on yourself and invest in yourself?

Failing at fulfilment

Everyone and their dog from psychologists to gurus, from scientists to motivational speakers claim  that personal growth is the greatest source of fulfilment.

It is thought that the reason behind this phenomenon is that the act of challenging your mind to go out of the known and go boldly where no brain cell has ever gone before means that your brain is forced to think critically. This inquiring mind forced to deviate from its set of “knowns” and use more analytical and evaluative conditioning leads to a life of satisfaction and fulfilment rather than one where personal potential is squandered.

To illustrate, we can indulge in a little self-reflection. Think for a minute about a blissful engagement-free weekend. “Aha” – you might find yourself thinking, “time for some ‘me time’. I deserve a rest.” All set, you arrange yourself decorously on the couch and get stuck in to a good series.

Alas, whilst intending to only watch 3 episodes, you find yourself tired and deflated on Sunday evening, having achieved absolutely diddly-squat and binge-watching 2 entire seasons! You have fallen into the trap of engaging in the dreaded short-term satisfaction, expecting to find happiness. You have done nothing that has given you the potential to grow or to add to your value and thus feel a lack of fulfilment.

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Bringing on the best

In contrast, we can envisage another scenario. One that smacks of limitless potential! If we can imagine that same blissfully expansive weekend stretched out before us. After a cracker of a week, you are looking forward to a bit of a social with your mates. It’s Friday after all?!?!

However, before people pull-in for some punch you squeeze in a quick chapter or two on how to best get your cunning side-income plan going so that you can save for a car. You are going places! After a festive soiree, you retire to bed and jot some ideas down to follow up on later. Before the weekend has even begun, you have achieved something!

The rest of the weekend you relax, do some gardening, practice your juggling, cook for some friends and spare an hour a day to practice online French course as you have your sights set on a job that involves travel to francophone countries. Come Sunday night, you feel fulfilled and ready for a new week having dedicated time to investing in yourself!

You realise that even though, in times of self-doubt when you feel like you can’t ever learn just from a book, that in fact it is the moment you cease your learning, you stop your earning. Now, the sky is the limit and your potential limitless!

Value and profit

If you look at interviews with some of today’s millionaires, you will find that most site investing time and energy into themselves and their ideas to create something of value as the roadmap to their success. Whether they studied finance, business, investing or how to effectively market and communicate their ideas or products, the self-investment created their value. The greater the value – the greater the monetary gains!

So, keeping those ideas rolling, investing time into them to make sure that your learning process continues to grow to ensure that your value to society doesn’t become stagnant is the best way to ensure that the value you bring to society flourishes, and so does your wealth!

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