Gigi and Zayn Reveal Baby’s Gender

Gigi Hadid and Zayn MalikSource: Media1

According to Entertainment Tonight and TMZ, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will be welcoming a little girl in September. This news comes hot on the heels of the supermodel and former star of One Direction revealing that they are expecting a baby. While the couple has yet to confirm this information, the source is trustworthy enough for both tabloids to publish the reveal, and fans of the couple are as excited as if they’d won a pokies jackpot!

The unnamed insider said that the model and singer don’t have a preference one way or the other but wanted to find out the gender so that they can make the appropriate preparations.

Birthday Celebrations and a Gender Reveal?

Gigi spent the weekend of the 23rd of April with Zayn, her mom, Yolanda, and her sister, Bella, marking her 25th birthday. Fans suspect that the supermodel combined this celebration with a gender reveal party, reporting that the huge balloons, in the shape of a 2 and a 5, each had a blue and pink string attached.

Together at Long Last

Zayn and Gigi have been on and off for some years now, reuniting finally over the holidays at the end of 2019. They confirmed their relationship was back on in early 2020.

A source previously let E! News know that they got together just before the December holidays. Zayn has apparently been trying to convince Gigi to give him another chance for the last month of last year, and she finally agreed.

The source continued, saying that Hadid has always really loved Malik, and the break was just what they needed. He’s been working on new music, is focused on his health, and is finally in a good place.

Hadid spent the summer of 2019 with Tyler Cameron, the model Bachelorette star, but they called things off in October. Cameron, in fact, had to let the media know that there’s no way he’s the father of Hadid’s baby. He hosted an Instagram Live session telling people that their comments were wrong.

Baby girl gender reveal Source: Pixabay

Mums the Word

Mohamed Hadid, Gigi’s dad, would not be drawn out on the pregnancy. He remained tight-lipped about the issue, as usual, declining to comment on family affairs in public. When he was quizzed about it, her dad asked the press to let him digest it and talk to her first, initially not even certain that the news was real. He added that if she was pregnant the only concern he had was for the health of his daughter and her child.

He said that that’s all he cares about, and that he remains as proud of her as he’s always been.

Gigi’s Been Dreaming of a Family

Earlier on this year, Gigi opened up about her dreams of one day being able to start a family. She said that it’s something she’s been considering as she gets older. She stated that she’s not always going to be a model, but the creative side of her job really fulfilled her. She added that the people she works with make her incredibly happy, and she feels grateful and blessed just to be around them.

She said she doesn’t know what the future holds right now, and she may even get off the runway and into a kitchen and become a full-time cook!

Where it All Began

Gigi and Zayn first hooked up back in 2015, split briefly in early 2018, and then got back together again. Malik has only very recently gone public about he met Hadid, revealing that it was at a Victoria’s Secret party. He recognised her from her pictures, asked her on a date, and they went to a restaurant called Gemma in New York City.

Malik said that the stylish Bowery hotel’s delicious Italian food was the perfect place to get to know her a little better. He said that her intelligence is what struck him, and how well she carries herself. He said that she’s classy, humble, and confident, and he was smitten from the word go.

Shortly after meeting, in 2016, Gigi starred in the music video for Zayn’s debut single as a solo artist, Pillowtalk. The steamy video is something the supermodel recalls fondly, saying that they’d just started dating. She said that it’s something fun to look back on and marks a milestone in what’s turned out to be an important relationship.

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