Tropical Meets Terrifying In Tiki Vikings

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a boat of hairy, angry Vikings landed up in a tropical paradise? Or, if, for some reason, on their quest to attack and plunder a bounty-rich village they ended draped in leis and dancing the night away in a beach bar instead? You haven’t? Microgaming and Just For The Win have, and they brought that glorious vision to life with the Tiki Vikings online slot. Head over to Vegas Palms Casino on the 7th of August 2019 and you can confirm that we’re not making this up.

Yes, it’s a bizarre slots theme to be sure, but also somehow one of the most compelling reel spinning adventures we’ve seen in some time. We won’t question if it was a theme created by throwing darts at a board, instead all we’ll say is bless Microgaming and Just For The Win for their madness, because the game sure is a hoot.

Go Plundering Online

As far as real Vikings go, they probably weren’t the kind you’d find decorating their beards with flowers. Then again, maybe they were, who are we to make assumptions about the beard decorations of those who made their living plundering? History says that those now known as Vikings hailed from Scandinavia, and undertook incredibly long boat journeys to plunder rich neighbouring areas. The distances they managed to cover are downright incredible, with reports that some were determined enough to hit the North American coast. Tiki Vikings is one of our favourite slots themes to date, and we can’t recommend more that you check it out yourself on desktop or mobile!

Terrific Tiki Action

So we know the game is fun, and we know it is entertaining, but that alone won’t make a slot worth playing. The vital statistics are worth taking a look at, so you understand what makes the nuts and bolts of this wacky adventure tick.

The game is 5 reels, 20 paylines, medium volatility, and has a return to player ratio of 95.01%. The hit rate is 20.97% and the betting limits are between 0.10 and 250.00 coins per spin. This makes the game interestingly scalable, letting you decide if you want to be a more reserved Viking, or one that throws caution to the wind and goes in with axe swinging, letting the consequences decide fate.

In terms of visual design, this is where the game really shines. An enormous amount have attention has gone into designing the slot’s symbols, featuring a cast of some of the most amusing characters you will ever see. Take a typical cartoon Viking character, then put bananas in his ears, or a pineapple on his head, and you have the right idea. A clearly very talented set of artists were at work here, and we salute their creativity. With the characters comes traditional A, K, Q and J symbols, given a nice wooden design that helps stick with the theme.

Fun Filled Features

One of the most outstanding things about Tiki Vikings, apart from the silliness, is that it is one of very few slots that don’t use Scatter and Wild symbols. We know, it’s enough to make you gasp in disbelief, but if any game weren’t going to follow conventions, this would be it. Instead, an interesting system has been created, and one that we’ve never seen before. That makes this truly one of the most unique slots we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot!

The game is based around a Symbol Lock Re-Spin feature, and it takes some explaining. If a high value set of symbols land on the reels, they lock in place, and 1 free Re-Spin is awarded. If this results in another winning combination being achieved, that combination will also lock, and another Re-Spin is granted. Each time this occurs, a meter is filled, called the Symbol Upgrade meter. If it fills, each winning combination locked in place upgrades into the next highest level combination, granting the appropriate payouts. It’s interesting, fun, and worth a whole lot of money in your pocket.

Get Ready To Go Floral

Mark it down on your calendar, head over to Vegas Palms Casino on August the 7th and experience this anomaly for yourself. Do we recommend you bring a floral shirt to mark the occasion, and help you blend in with the theme? Yes we do!

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