8 Unbelievable On-Set Feuds

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Celebrities have thrown shade at each other for so long, stories about feuding Hollywood A-listers hardly surprise us anymore. What does amaze us about on-set feuds like those described below are the identities of those involved.

Some of the feuds are made even crazier by the fantastic on-screen rapport or downright chemistry between the actors. For film and TV directors, the resulting fireworks are tantamount to hitting the jackpot at an online casino, but the charged atmosphere can come at a price.

Now, without further ado, let’s find out about some of the worse feuds on set. 

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley

The stars of the Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley thrilled audiences with their escapades from 2009 until 2017. The chemistry between their characters, who were lovers, was believable.

However, Nina said that, when the two first met, she did not like her co-star. She explained that they loathed one another for several months before they were able to put the tensions aside.

Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones

As far as the Batman movies of the 1990s went, Batman Forever looks like a cartoonish pantomime alongside Tim Burton’s celebrated gothic art deco-inspired films. How anyone could feud on that set is beyond us, but, believe it or not, it happened – between Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, no less.

In an interview, Jim said Tommy resented him because he was the real star of the show. Jim described how he greeted his co-star one day. He claimed that Tommy hugged him, told Jim that he hated him, and added that he could not stand Jim’s clownish behaviour.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Although Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams played a couple in the moving drama, the Notebook, their on-set relationship was anything but loving. According to director Nick Cassavetes, Ryan asked him to fire Rachel in front of 150 people.

Cassavetes said that he and the two stars met with a producer after the incident, and the meeting descended into a screaming match between Ryan and Rachel. Blowing off steam like that turned out to be a good thing, because their on-set relations improved. The improvement must have been a big one, because the two dated later.

Chemistry in The Notebook Source: HelloGiggles

Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer

We were too distracted by the scenery to notice any hints of a feud while watching Magic Mike. However, according to Alex Pettyfer, things were tense between himself and Channing Tatum.

Speaking on Brett Easton Ellis’ podcast, Alex said that he kept to himself during filming; something that Channing may have interpreted as snobbery. Their relationship worsened when the actor and a then-girlfriend rented an apartment from a friend of Channing, and then left while still owing rent. According to Alex, the email he received from the actor was not positive.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

In Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are part of the same posse. In real life, not so much.

Kim allegedly found out that Sarah earned significantly more than her SATC co-stars, and she was not too happy about it. The rumours resurfaced when someone started telling people that the third movie was not going to happen because Kim was being a diva and demanded more money. Kim then wasted no time calling out Sarah in public. If there wasn’t a feud to begin with, there was one by the end.

Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano

According to reports, the tension between Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano on the set of Charmed was so bad that Doherty left the show after only three seasons. In an interview, Doherty said she did not have enough passion for a job that brought so much drama with it.

However, in 2017, Milano told reporters that the two had put the differences of the past behind them, and that they chat regularly on Instagram.

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

The feud between American Idols judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj reportedly began from day one. An anonymous source quoted in a magazine report said that Mariah has so low an opinion of Nicki’s singing, that she doesn’t think Nicki should be a judge.

The source added that Nicki had taken it all in her stride until, one day, she thought Mariah’s conversation with a contestant had gone on for long enough. Fists were slammed on tables, f-bombs were dropped, and as she stormed off set, Nicki said that, if she had a gun, she would shoot Mariah.

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

According to insiders, Gossip Girl actresses Blake Lively and Leighton Meester did not get along nearly as well as their characters did. Some sources attributed the stars’ strained relationship to long working hours.

Others, however, said that Blake felt suffocated, and was waiting for bigger, better things, and that Leighton thought Blake had a massive ego, and considered the show beneath her.

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