Getting Apped For Success

Financial technology can save your bacon

Digital has changed everything from the way we play to the way we pay. Mobile shopping, , mobile travel – and mobile savings. If you haven’t already realised that you can quickly and easily invest and manage your money online, then you seriously need to up your savvy and check out some . In recent years, tools that help you save or invest your money online have grown in leaps and bounds allowing a Royal Flush offering of budgeting tools ranging from cashback tools, subscription management and investing on the go. The list of cool cash app croupiers doling out fabulous money saving services is growing daily and you would be doing your money a disservice if you didn’t at least give one of them a spin. In addition to potentially apps saving you hundreds of dollars a month, if you couple some of the savvy apps with a rewards credit card you’ll double up on your bonus chips! Household saving hack Every home executive knows that there are things that you buy [Read more...]

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Budget boogie

Celebrate the holidays without getting into debt

So, you’ve decided it would be a good idea to put some money aside so you can let your hair down knowing you won’t have a blue January. Congratulations – now it is time to work out your budget. If, like a lot of people, you’ve never done a proper budget before, don’t worry. You know that instinct that kicks in when you’re doing the shopping or having fun in your favorite and says “I’ve spent enough”? Budgeting is just taking that instinct and projecting it toward the future, so that you can see that “enough” moment before it comes. A budget is a personal expression of how you use your money – a to show you where your money goes so you can make it work smarter. Track your spend Apart from saving money, there are many good reasons to have a budget. Avoiding debt in the New Year is a great one to start with. Typically Americans take on up to $1000 in new debt for the festive season and half of them are still [Read more...]

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