Play Another Day: Win Guaranteed Prizes

Play Another Day promotion

Whether you are playing on Mobile, Desktop, or Browser, you can win guaranteed prizes. How? All you need to do is Play Another Day. From 8 to 31 October, the Play Another Day promotion brings 007 straight to your screen. This is how YOU can win in the Play Another Day casino promotion: • To get guaranteed credits, play from day 1 to day 4. • To multiply your winnings, crack the code on day 5. • To multiply your winnings by even more, defuse the bomb on day 6. • To unlock your Bonus Stash in addition to your winnings, play on day 7. Unleash the James Bond in you and win! Log in to the casino, take part and play another day. What you need to know about the Play Another Day : • It’s a 4 week promotion, which means there are 4 missions to complete. • Players that enter in week 4 will receive an additional 6 days to play. • For each day that you play, we will add free credits to your Bonus Stash. • Get to day 7 and [Read more...]

Why did the Super Blood Moon occur?

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We have our own theory. If you missed the rare appearance of the super blood moon between Sunday evening and the early hours of Monday morning, you may have to wait for 2033 when it’ll  make an appearance again. What is a super blood moon and why does it appear anyway? Prophets and extremists have placed suspicion on an apocalypse. NASA, however, assured us not to worry.  In an article written for Mirror, award winning journalist Kirstie Mccrum too tells us that the super-moon lunar eclipse does not signal the end of the world. It may, however, signal the end of Cool Wolf video slot as we know it. has segued an interesting theory. Geek by day freak by night Californian teen must have evolved beyond a mere werewolf, and the maximum jackpot of 105 000,00 that you (and me) can win across the 5 x3 reel 243 ways to win Cool Wolf video slot must have been doubled, tripled, or something. Why else would the moon go red – if not to turn our very own teenage boy [Read more...]

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This is what International talk like a Pirate day reminded us of

The 19th of September was International talk like a Pirate day and it reminded us of one of our favourite pirate movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean. Another thing that brought the award winning movie to mind is that it reminds us so much of our very own Pirates-themed video slot, Loose Cannon. In the 5 reel, 243 way to win Loose Cannon video slot, players can log in with a minimum bet of 0.30 to uncover treasures of up to 75 000,00! The captain, whom we think looks like captain Jack Sparrow, invites you to join him and his fellow pirates on an adventure of riches. The captain has similar attire worn by Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. His hat is of the same design and of the same colour. It could be a vogue statement among pirates – who knows? Parts of his hair is twisted and locked and it’s beaded. If you recall in Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow has similar hair. There is another character from the video slot who reminds [Read more...]

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Become a Slot character!

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If you could be a slot which would you be? Would you be the one that offers wins of up to 360, 000 coins? Or maybe the one with a comical scientist-theme? Would you be the slot that is based on the finer things in life? The game features in the Native American – themed 5×3 reels 243 ways to win Mystic Dreams, are a dream come true! A wild symbol, Free Spin trigger symbol, multiplier symbol (to name but a few) make reeling for fortune super fun. Up to 360, 000 coins in the Free Spin can be all yours. This is a lab like no other! Dr. Watts Up video slot is mixing it up in the lab to bring you awesome wins. Just imagine if you could win 480, 000 coins! Join the Dr. and his pretty assistant in the comical scientist-theme slot. A maximum bet of 120.00 could be all the luck you need to win 96 000, 00. We can tell you have an expensive taste. The Finer Reels of Life video slot is the perfect game for those taste buds. Coffee and chocolate, wine and cheese, whiskey and [Read more...]

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A night out on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas

Win. Win. Win Big! A monstrous 100 000,00 could be all yours in the Dragon – themed Dragon Myth video slot. An Aztec Royalty treat is just what you need.  Acquire riches of up to 125 000,00 when you play Golden Princess video slot! To claim these are not the headlines that propelled us to venture off to Las Vegas would be a lie. Upon our arrival we encountered more than we bargained for. There were friendly boogie monsters, there were fierce dragons,  superheroes, kings and queens – and that’s not all. Overwhelmed by both curiosity and interest we, like any other player would, tried our luck for these massive wins. In the 5 x 3 reel Dragon’s Myth video slot (this is where we encountered those hideous dragons) we reeled into an epic adventure. The sound of thunderous volcanoes, the excitement, and the thrill, was only the start of a memorable experience. In the base game began our quest to catch all four dragons, and after our victory we were [Read more...]

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