Facebook Buys Up Giphy

Who doesn’t love GIFs? They can easily turn any text conversation into a whole new level of entertainment, even if sometimes the images used are a touch inappropriate. Plus, with the integration of GIF search engines into most keyboard apps, it is now easier than ever before to quickly find and share a hysterical GIF. It’s so quick and easy you can keep playing with one hand and have a GIF searched and sent with the other, and never even lose the rhythm of your reel spinning. But, if there is something awesome out there in the internet, specifically something awesome that also works really well, you know its scent is going to be picked by a monster-corporation sooner or later. Because useful fun things, inevitably, must be monetised. Enter Facebook, laughing as it twirls its handlebar moustache. It was recently confirmed that . Which, as far as Facebook is concerned, is the equivalent of tossing a chauffeur a handful of coins. But why would Facebook want Giphy, [Read more...]

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Second Ebola Outbreak In The Congo

There seems to be no end in sight to the health crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Earlier this month, health officials reported a second Ebola outbreak in the West African country. Before we tell you more, if you’d rather not read about diseases check out the at our casino instead! According to reports, the second Ebola outbreak was announced after six cases, including four deaths, were identified near Mbandaka the capital of the Equateur province in the north of the country. Congo has battled an Ebola outbreak in its eastern region since 2018. It also continues to try to fight the global health crisis and to curb the spread of a measles outbreak. The new outbreak of Ebola is the 11th to be faced by the country since the virus was identified in 1976. The New Ebola Outbreak Congo’s health minister, Dr Eteni Longondo said that the four victims of the died on 18 May. However, health officials received the test results that confirmed they had contracted the [Read more...]

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The Current State of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tracking the spread of Covid-19 globally

When the novel coronavirus Covid-19 first hit the province of Wuhan, China, the world was thrown into a state of panic as authorities in Asia sprang into action to battle the pathogen. Unfortunately, even citizens staying home could not contain the virus to China, and quickly spread through infected travellers who returned home to other countries after leaving the infection’s original Ground Zero.  has taken a look at how the pandemic has impacted everyday life. Mapping the Outbreak Online Thanks to modern technology and a useful tool from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, we are now able to track the progress of the virus on a national and international level. The Coronavirus Covid-19 Global Cases Map is updated several times an hour, and boasts a zoomable map that pinpoints every confirmed case of Covid-19 on the planet. The map’s data is collated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state- and [Read more...]

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The Truth Behind Deepfakes

Believable Deep Fakes

You’re hanging out minding your own business, checking out the latest gossip online or spinning the reels at when someone forwards you a video. It’s Tom Cruise, you can see clear as day, but he’s doing something you would never in a million years expect. For the sake of being polite and keeping this PG13, let’s say he’s juggling chickens while hopping on one leg. You’re baffled. Why would Tom Cruise allow such a video to go public? Sure, he jumped on a couch once, but even for him this is a step too far. If you haven’t already guessed from the title of this article, it’s a deepfake. Or a CGI generated fake in which a celebrity’s face is inserted into a video. Normally these creations are amateur at best, and pornographic in nature. But another more creative fake had Jon Snow apologising for the final season of Game of Thrones. It was so believable it went undetected for, frankly, longer than it should have. How Does It [Read more...]

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A Brief Recap of Avengers: Infinity War

The second-last instalment of the hugely successful Marvel franchise introduced fans to a new threat that had been lurking in the shadows of the cosmic universe. The film followed the Avengers in their battle to protect the world from Thanos. And while the story initially had a very split narrative – with some superheroes dealing with matters on the earth while others were out guarding the world from threats in the extra-terrestrial universe. Every puzzle piece and scene managed to flow into the main story, and in the end, no one was spared from the detrimental effects of Thanos’ villainous act. So what exactly happened in Avengers: Infinity War? Well, Thanos was on a mission to secure six Infinity Stones, which of course, would grant him unimaginable power. Thanos then secures the final stone, and Thor attempts to stop him, but fails. Thanos then whispers “you should have gone for the head” snaps his fingers, and teleports away. Just as that happens, half of [Read more...]

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