Quibi To Offer Netflix Competition


You probably woke up this morning and thought to yourself, you know what the world needs more of? Streaming services. We understand your plight, given that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Crackle aren’t nearly enough. We clearly need another one. Or, you might be getting so confused at this point with which show is on what service, which service you have, which you don’t, and which you want, that you’ve just gone ahead and cancelled all your streaming services and prefer playing instead. We wouldn’t blame you, it’s a great game! But believe it or not, another new streaming service is now vying for your attention. Quibi aims to be a direct competitor to Netflix. Is Netflix terrified? With 167 million subscribers globally, probably not really. So , and do you care about it? The Who Alright, we’ll hand it to Quibi. They have an interesting idea. The big draw card of the new service is that it [Read more...]

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The Best VR Headset For Pokies

VR promises unlimited gaming freedom

, one of many pastimes enjoyed by the people of New Zealand. The technological landscape of casino gaming is one that has seen tremendous innovations ever since the tide turned with the introduction of online casino gaming back in the mid-1990s. The internet facilitated a new climate for technological innovations, lapped up by the gaming industry to the point that nowadays players can enjoy gaming on the go and live dealer casino gaming. The mid 1990s also saw the emergence of the very first commercial, and at the time expensive and veering very much into the territory of novelties, VR (virtual reality) headsets.  Some companies literally bombed out, like Nintendo with their much-maligned Virtual Boy. Others produced really top-notch systems, but for some reason, none of the VR innovations of that time managed to serve as an effective springboard. How the times have changed! Virtual reality has been enjoying a renaissance, spurred on by the various gaming innovations such [Read more...]

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VR Headsets For Online Slots

Bringing fantastic worlds to life

Virtual reality has had its fair share of false starts, going all the way back to the 1980s when NASA started using the technology to develop flight simulation equipment. In the 1990s, when sound cards were really big, literally, virtual reality was punted as a companion piece, often forming part of major ad campaigns, and yet, somehow, it failed to take off. There were those who tried valiantly and failed. Nintendo created the Virtual Boy, which was discontinued after only a matter of months. Other notable attempts included the Stuntmaster and Cybermaxx, produced by Victormaxx, and the VFX1, all retailing for anything between six hundred to one thousand US dollars. Sega and Atari also created prototypes but the biggest problems facing all these companies was ambition and price – both of which were too high.  Technology however has made massive leaps and bounds to the point that nowadays there are headsets available from the big tech companies – Sony, Samsung, and [Read more...]

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The 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL draft

The National Football League (NFL) Draft, also often called the Player Selection Meeting, is always an incredibly popular event for both live and televised audiences. This year, amid strict shelter in place instructions that are still being enforced, the live viewing has unfortunately been cancelled. However, just as your favorite desktop and make it possible to enjoy slots, Roulette and all the other games that you love from anywhere, the broadcast will bring the magic of the draw to your very own television set. The wonders of technology never cease! NFL Draft Basics The NFL Draft has been staged annually since 1936, when it was created to even the playing field during rookie selection. The basic idea remains the same, and today all eligible rookies, who must have been out of high school for at least three years, are pooled together for the Player Selection Meeting. Historically, most candidates have been attending college and playing in their varsity teams, although the NFL [Read more...]

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VR Headsets For Online Casino Players

Bringing reality closer

The complexity of casino game technology is truly something to marvel at. Healthy competition has led innovators to create more ways in which players can take in their favourite games of chance. When gaming emerged in the mid-1990s, coinciding with the commercialisation of the internet, many thought its phenomenal growth would herald the end of land-based gaming. This prediction has not come into fruition, and for a number of reasons – regulation sees to it that only so many casinos operate, in both the physical and the land-based space. In addition to this, the competing sides of the same coin have resulted in a constant need for one-upmanship, leading to innovations in both camps. For instance, creators of land-based slot machine cabinets have realised that despite the convenience of online casino and mobile casino gaming, there are still limitations to the cyberspace platform. Companies like IGT and Aristocrat have thus created slots that combine both digital and analogue [Read more...]

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