Put On Your Platform Shoes And Dance With The Hottest Disco Band In History!

Village People

You don’t have to go to a disco to enjoy the hottest thrill of disco boogie to hit the dance floor. The dance club is coming to you! Village People® Macho Moves is an exciting new offering from the games studio, dancing into your favourite  on the 25th June 2019! Put on your shoes and dance! Are you ready to dance? Your favourite online casino has just come alive with the grooviest vibe in town! Dance to the beat of the drum with the fabulous Village People and win big! This game embodies everything we love about the flamboyant disco culture – the fantastic music, flashing lights, gyrating hot bodies on the dance floor and of course the hottest cowboys, bikers and cops in town! With the fun bright graphics and cheesy humour, this is a brilliant game. We love it, baby! Discover a world of boogie with Village People! The Village People® Macho Moves, created by the Fortune Factory Studios, is set in a high-energy disco club, brought to life with all six [Read more...]

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The Queen Requests Your Presence

Ruby the Casino Queen requests the pleasure of your company at the Vegas Palms   from Wednesday, the twelfth of June two thousand nineteen. This is an invitation you will not want to miss! Prepare to feel distinguished amongst the high rollers and influencers. As Ruby’s guest of honor, the preferential treatment is yours. And she is ready to show you a thrill of a time! Savor the gold of the chips, bask in the shine of the polished jewelry, and delight in the plush velvety backdrop. Enjoy and live it up! , the award-winning software developer of online casino games, and Just for The Win Studios have teamed up together to reward their prime players with the luxuries of the swankiest destination casino-resorts. Feel like a high roller walking on the red carpets, admiring the golden walls, toying with the velvety felt tops of the casino tables— right in the comfort of your own living room. Ditch the tuxedo for your robe but expect to be rewarded handsomely with wins of [Read more...]

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Our Days: Love Is Just A Game

Update: As of 20 June 2019, the online slot game Our Days, will not be available to play on Vegas Palms Casino. Love is a universal language. High school is a universal drama. The ups and downs of surviving both life experiences, usually at the same time, mark us for the rest of our lives. Our first romance colors our hearts, and our first heartbreak spins around in our heads for decades. Nostalgically, we read romance novels, tune into weekly rom-coms, and flood the movie theaters to reignite the sparks. Fans of high school romance will instantly connect with Our Days. It is a very low volatility pokie with a rom-com anime theme. It centers around the lives of a group of high school classmates falling in and out of love in Japan. Players will relive all the marvelous jitters and insecurities of high school, with a cultural twist. Classes begin on June 19. Anime, Pokie Style Have you enjoyed a cartoon lately? “Anime” is Japanese for “cartoons,” even [Read more...]

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Trump Bans Huawei From The USA

Trump goes to war on Chinese tech

Battle lines have been drawn as the United States, or more specifically, President Donald Trump, seems to have settled into full-scale trade war against China. Recent months have seen tensions mount as shots and counter shots have been taken, with the two countries squaring off and going head to head. The latest move saw President Trump file a ban on Huawei products in the United States in perhaps one of the most outlandish and brazen moves possible. Huawei is, of course, the Chinese brand most commonly known for making smartphones. It is also no secret that Huawei also happens to be the fastest growing and second biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. But how could Trump get away with such an audacious move? The excuse given is that the company’s technology represents a danger to national security, with the phones alleged to be used for spying and espionage. Immediate reaction to this might be a scoff and an eye roll, but is there any truth to the accusation? A [Read more...]

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Enjoy Your Favourite Brew At The New Le Kaffee Bar!

The month of June brings a gorgeous autumn with it to the southern hemisphere, and we don’t know about you – but for us, it’s the best time to curl up with a delicious coffee in a window seat of a cozy and chilled out coffee shop. Light filtering through the golden and red leaves on the trees outside, a nice magazine to relax with, and soothing sounds of a cheerful little café to entertain. And, of course, a yummy cupcake and a delicious coffee to perk us up. What’s there not to love?! This game reminds us exactly of moments like this. Released by studios, it does not disappoint – it embodies the pleasure of soft and comfortable moments in autumn. This fun new release is coming to your favourite  on the 5th of June 2019. Bring Home the Coffee from Le Kaffee Bar! Whatever your favourite brew may be – a fluffy chocolatey cappuccino, or an elegant caramel latte, or a dark strong espresso, or even a fancy turmeric latte! – this [Read more...]

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