Cash Is King In Break Da Bank Again Respin

Break Da Bank Again

Money makes the world go round. It is a popular cliché, and certainly one that holds some water. After all, you’re very unlikely to have food in the fridge if you go around trying to buy it with nothing but hugs and smiles. With this in mind we have the new slot; Break Da Bank Again Respin that’s ready to make its debut at . This new slot makes no attempt to beat around the bush, focusing exactly on what players want when hitting up an online slot; wealth, riches, and lots from both! From stacks of notes to piles of coins, the game revels in money, and gives out a fair amount to lucky players. Plus, the intriguing new Paid Respin feature brings something new to the table, making the game a truly nail-biting experience. Check out Break Da Bank Again Respin on the 21st August 2019. You won’t want to miss this chance to strike it rich, and try out the new Paid Respin option that turns a traditional slot into something else entirely. Desktop and mobile play [Read more...]

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Relic Seekers Slot Set To Thrill

Exploring dark, dangerous tombs is not especially fun. Unless of course that tomb happens to be in a fantastical world. In which case claustrophobia and the possibility of dying of starvation are replaced by exhilaration, excitement and the possibility of getting your hands on priceless treasures. Relic Seekers, the latest game from Pulse 8 Studios is thankfully set in a fantasy world. So strap on your adventurer’s pants, grab a flashlight, and join a gang of bold heroes as they set out in search of the Dragon’s Vein treasure. This new high quality video slot is a cut above the rest, and will be live at Vegas Palms online casino on August the 14th! Pulse 8 Who? You may have noticed we made mention of Pulse 8 Studios. To which your response may have been wait, who? Yes, they are not the most widely known game development studio in the world. In fact, they haven’t been around for very long at all. But once you get a gander at the incredible high quality on display [Read more...]

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More Slots Action With Break Away Deluxe

A sports theme. Multiple special features. Crisp graphics and great game mechanics. High volatility for truly exciting spins. A betting range that will accommodate everyone’s gambling budget with ease. Up to 88 potential paylines. And total compatibility with all desktop and mobile devices. Sound like a slots title you’d be interested in trying out? Of course it does. And when Microgaming’s Break Away Deluxe goes live on 23 July 2019, you’ll be able to do just that. With the generous bonuses, security and service available at Vegas Palms, this is one of the best places to experience the new game. Revamping 2012’s Break Away Break Away Deluxe is actually a relaunch of Microgaming’s popular Break Away slot, which has been rewarding players since 2012. That title also has great payouts and special features so it would be understandable if you were wondering why a new version is being released. After all, if something isn’t broken you [Read more...]

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Experience the Magic of Sahara at Vegas Palms

If you made your way into the heart of the Sahara desert, what would you expect to find? A gorgeous oasis fringed with palm trees? Camels, scorpions and other exotic creatures basking in the midday sun? Or perhaps some once-in-a-lifetime jackpots in the form of buried treasure and royal dowries…? In the all-new game Magic of Sahara the latter is definitely on offer, along with heaps of other fiery rewards if you spin this slot’s reels just right! The Sahara has always been shrouded in mystery, baffling archaeologists and nature specialists alike with its unique climate and ecological appeal. Recent archaeological finds have suggested that there is plenty yet to be discovered about this mighty desert too, from hidden treasures to civilizations that may have lived in it thousands of years ago. Step into the mystery and magic of this barren place in Microgaming’s latest video slot and you might discover that it holds much more than meets the eye! Magnificent [Read more...]

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Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ Lands at Vegas Palms

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, but he might as well be real. So entrenched in all forms of media is the world’s greatest detective, that he is a part of our culture. “Elementary, my dear Watson” is but one phrase from the detective’s many adventures that has stood the test of time. Although he started off as the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on paper only, the character’s undying popularity has seen him appear in comics, radio, TV, films, video games and other forms of media. With all this in mind, it only makes sense that Rabcat, associates of gaming giant, , would decide to create a brand new slots adventure about Sherlock Holmes with a July 2019 release date. And it’s all going down at Vegas Palms . Rab Aint Drab! Rabcat Gambling might not be the oldest or well-established provider of casino gaming content, but they sure are punching above their weight. Okay, sure, they’ve been helped along by Microgaming, but this [Read more...]

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