VR Headsets For Online Casino Players

Bringing reality closerSource: Pixabay

The complexity of casino game technology is truly something to marvel at. Healthy competition has led innovators to create more ways in which players can take in their favourite games of chance. When online casino gaming emerged in the mid-1990s, coinciding with the commercialisation of the internet, many thought its phenomenal growth would herald the end of land-based gaming. This prediction has not come into fruition, and for a number of reasons – regulation sees to it that only so many casinos operate, in both the physical and the land-based space. In addition to this, the competing sides of the same coin have resulted in a constant need for one-upmanship, leading to innovations in both camps. For instance, creators of land-based slot machine cabinets have realised that despite the convenience of online casino and mobile casino gaming, there are still limitations to the cyberspace platform. Companies like IGT and Aristocrat have thus created slots that combine both digital and analogue attributes to deliver a singular gaming experience. A typical slot cabinet screen will have digital reels overlaid by analogue components, thus creating a new visual experience for the player.

On the other side of the casino spectrum in the online environment, virtual reality has been introduced to give players yet another way in which to play games of chance. In more recent times, live dealers have allowed players to bet in real-time, but now VR stands to build on this foundation by allowing a player to move around in a virtual casino lounge in which he or she can select all manner of online casino games to play.  The only decision that then needs to be made is which VR headset is best suited for an augmented reality casino experience.

The Samsung Odyssey+

Known to always balance quality and price, Samsung has truly carved out the lion’s share of the technology market for itself. The days of novelty products like the Samsung Stealth 75 (with its 450 watt speakers) might be gone, but the company still has a penchant for developing new technology. This passion for innovation is plain to see in the Samsung Odyssey+, a more affordable VR headset than the one made by the leading manufacturer of such headsets – Oculus.  Retailing at roughly two hundred and ninety US dollars, the Odyssey+ offers an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) that delivers a 2880 x 1600 resolution in a 110 degree field of view.  A refresher rate of 90 Hz places it above the 72 generated by its more expensive competitor, the Oculus Quest.  Two aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed Odyssey controllers allow the user to navigate the world of virtual reality. The applications of the technology are limited only by the imagination of the app developers. As far as games and entertainment are concerned, the most interesting applications would be PC powered games and in more recent times, VR casinos.

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Why Choose VR Online Casinos?

VR casino gaming is still in its infancy, but its potential has been acknowledged and even put to use by operators such as Slots Million and Casino VR. An idea doesn’t take long to spread in the online casino industry and with operators such as these providing proof of concept, it will only be a matter of time before other operators and gaming content suppliers start allocating resources to give existing online casino players another gaming avenue of exploration. The VR casino experience will also be used to usher new players through the virtual doors and because most games found inside brick and mortar casinos will be available, it’s a strategy that’s quite likely to see success. With major gaming suppliers like NetEnt and Microgaming already looking to convert some of their popular online slot titles, it will only be a matter of time before the domino effect takes hold. Considering the already excellent quality of the graphics and sounds produced for online slots today, it seems that players can anticipate some very interesting experiences in the not too distant future – provided that they select a quality VR headset, of course. In short, online casino games have a very bright future indeed.

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