A Brief Recap of Avengers: Infinity War

The second-last instalment of the hugely successful Marvel franchise introduced fans to a new threat that had been lurking in the shadows of the cosmic universe. The film followed the Avengers in their battle to protect the world from Thanos. And while the story initially had a very split narrative – with some superheroes dealing with matters on the earth while others were out guarding the world from threats in the extra-terrestrial universe. Every puzzle piece and scene managed to flow into the main story, and in the end, no one was spared from the detrimental effects of Thanos’ villainous act. So what exactly happened in Avengers: Infinity War? Well, Thanos was on a mission to secure six Infinity Stones, which of course, would grant him unimaginable power. Thanos then secures the final stone, and Thor attempts to stop him, but fails. Thanos then whispers “you should have gone for the head” snaps his fingers, and teleports away. Just as that happens, half of all that lives across the universe slowly begins to disintegrate, including some beloved superheroes such as Black Panther, Dr Strange and Spider-Man. During the end credits, Thanos is filmed in a garden on another universe. While his arm looks injured, he is seen talking to a child-like version of his daughter, Gamora. She then asks him “Did you do it?” He replies “Yes”. She then asks, “what did it cost?” to which he responds “everything”. This touching scene showcases a softer side to Thanos, and provides a rather poignant ending.

The Story of Thanos: According to the Comics

Much like in the film, Thanos was the Avengers’ biggest enemy in the comics, too. As a result, the Avengers sought the help of Adam Warlock, the Guardians, and a few others to help defeat their nemesis. Thanos was born Dione on Saturn’s moon of Titan. He grew up in a loving family, however, things went wrong when curiosity got the better of him, and he began experimenting on other Titans. This resulted in an increasing obsession with genetic testing and more so, death. Because he possessed the DNA of the Deviant and Eternals, Thanos was very powerful. Always in the pursuit of more power, he exposed his body to cosmic rays, which left it horribly distorted. After eventually killing most of his fellow Titans, as well as his mother, his mind dived into extremely dark places and left him with an increased appetite for death. Many might say that Thanos is the villain of all villains. Like the very last scoundrel you’ll need to defeat during the last level of a game. And now, possessing the powers given to him by the six Infinity Stones, along with his super strength, mind control, teleportation, time manipulation and his uncanny ability to outwit and outsmart the best superheroes in the galaxy, many fan theories seem to speculate that the ending will ultimately play out in his favour.

Will Avengers: End Game Fill in Some Gaps?

Avengers: Infinity War left fans with some crucial questions, and many are hoping that they will finally receive some much needed answers when the final instalment, Avengers: End Game, is released. The Avengers franchise took fans on an exhilarating action-packed ride with the release of each film, and after more than ten years, it will be sad to say goodbye to the high calibre of entertainment that we have come to expect from Marvel. Will they be providing us with a fitting ending? Who knows, perhaps another franchise will be born out of the ending. We are talking about Marvel, after all…

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