Casinos At Sea

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What is it about a cruise ship that sparks the imagination? Maybe it’s because every cruise ship is a self-contained world that promises infinite possibilities even though you cannot leave the ship. There’s a sense of freedom as the massive vessel cuts through the blue ocean wave and there’s nothing between you and the sky above. At the same time, there’s no better place than a cruise ship to really focus on your passion for games and entertainment. Whether you use the onboard WiFi system to keep in touch with your favorite online slots, or whether you put on your poker face and head for the onboard casino, a casino cruise is a rewarding experience for any gamer.

Home For High Rollers

For serious games and entertainment at sea, head straight for the Sunborn Superyacht Hotel and Casino. Here players can expect a five-star casino experience replete with seven live gaming tables. Games include American Roulette, Blackjack, Three-Card Poker, Five-Card Stud Poker and Punto Banco. There are 35 slot machines to keep the slots fans entertained, although watching the serious players at the tables is also something of a spectator sport. This is pure upmarket entertainment at its best.

Best In Class

What happens when you combine a world-class cruise ship brand with the ambience of a high-class Las Vegas gambling hotel? Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas has got everything it takes to keep the adventurous player entertained. There’s all the luxury of a five-star hotel plus a full-service casino that offers all the card and table games a player could hope for.

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A sport for gentlemen and ladies

A stalwart dame from the days when passenger liners were de rigueur, the Queen Mary 2 is also one of the most luxurious cruising casinos in the world. The majestic vessel plies the seas between the English port of Southampton and New York City, USA. Once a year, too, the Queen Mary 2 goes on a round-the-world trip where retired travellers mingle with movie stars and young tech billionaires. For the adventurous player, a stay aboard the QM2 on one of its 9-day transatlantic voyages offers the opportunity to soak up all this glamour – and play casino games on the high seas in an ambience of refinement and luxury.

World Class Escape

One of the world’s largest cruise ships, the Norwegian Escape ferries some 4300 guests around destinations as different as the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda, and the majestic landscapes of Canada and New England. Naturally, the Norwegian Escape’s casino has all the games to transform an ocean journey into a gaming adventure.

Everything On A Grand Scale

Everything is done on an epic scale on board the Norwegian Epic. A cruise liner has to be big to be able to host Cirque du Soleil shows for the entertainment of its guests. A massive 1,081-foot long, with no fewer than 19 decks, the Epic knows how to treat a guest well. That’s why first-time or novice gamblers can have onboard gaming lessons to get them up to speed so they can join one of the Epic’s popular weekly Blackjack, Slot or Poker tournaments.

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