Flying The Cunard Flag

A dream afloatSource: Pixabay

The flagship of the esteemed Cunard Lines, the Queen Mary 2 (aka QM2) is legendary for her unquestioned sense of elegance and style that has seen her gracefully assuming the royal reins following the ocean-going abdication of the stately Queen Elizabeth 2. Currently the only purpose-built passenger ship designed to serve as a fully-fledged ocean liner, her signature offering is the sense of space afforded on board, along with the superb service offered to guests. With a passenger manifest that can hold up to 2,691 names, the large crew complement of 1,292 on a liner that stretches a vast 1,132 feet is evidence of the attention not only to detail but also to the needs of her distinguished and deserving guests.

A different class

Stately while remaining beautifully cosy, the Queen Mary 2 is no sitting duck when lined up against the finest cruising casinos in the world, and the liner does sterling silver duty taking high-class passengers between the famed English port of Southampton and New York City in the US of A. Not to mention her unmissable annual pilgrimage of a world cruise, which is a firm favourite among retired travellers and young tech billionaires alike. You won’t go wrong if you pack your tuxedo and finest linen dress shirts for a stay aboard the QM2 on one of its 9-day transatlantic voyages. The service by the well-groomed, white-gloved waiters is deserving of the finest in Haute Couture as you hark back to the golden era of cruising and ease off into the sunset.

A sport for gentlemen and ladies

While the liner’s gambling hall is of the highest standard in keeping with every other tiny detail on board the QM2, low-rollers and pokies players need fear no atmosphere of elitism around her gambling tables and slot machines: the QM2  has lower minimum table bets than found in most other cruise ship casinos. Her table games mostly carry a $1 minimum, but the gaming hall has a plentiful army of one-arm slots for guests to enjoy. The only surprise in such surrounds is that these gentlemen and gentleladies aren’t permitted to smoking in the casino.

Meet your destiny at seaSource: Pixabay

Dress to distress

While the overall tone of the QM2 is distinguished and refined, the dress code is far from Downton Abbey. Gentlemen won’t feel out of place if they have packed mostly slacks and collared shirts, while casual dresses for the ladies is de-rigueur in keeping with American “business casual” style.

The stately Queen Mary 2 offers a generous helping of high glamour on the high seas to rival some of the best casinos to be found in Monte Carlo, and her 12 gaming tables are the perfect place for those (or hopeless romantics who thrill to the thought of recreating a Hollywood moment) to play out an evening. Players could try their hand at Blackjack or Three Card Poker, roll with the punches on her Craps tables, cheer the little white ball as it bounces around the Roulette wheel, or take the house on in a wily battle of Caribbean Stud poker. The luxury liner also has an abundance of gaming options, with more than 100 slot games at the ready in its beautifully apportioned casino hall.

Action all day long

After the excitement of an evening, guests can choose to relax poolside in the sun or drift into an engrossing book in QM2’s vast library that is home to well over 800 volumes. Also up for grabs is a ‘pamper party for 1’ in the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, but regardless of what tickles your fancy, what you can be assured of is that the elegant settings and exquisite craftsmanship throughout this amazing ocean liner will match either your decreed royal status… or your desire to enjoy said lifestyle.

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