10 Of The Weirdest Laws

law offenceSource: Law Office of Carolina

Laws are important, or so the vast majority of us earning their living in a legal way would agree. They ensure your jealous neighbour can’t walk into your house and grab your Xbox, they regulate casino games so you always get your winnings fair and square, they keep traffic flowing in an orderly fashion, and if you do something wrong, you generally get punished for it. In other words; laws are pretty good things.

On the other hand, there are some laws that really will make you scratch your head and ask what exactly the point of them is. Take a look at this list, and keep in mind; yes, these are real laws. We’re not making them up.

1. Reckless Cycling

When riding a bicycle in Mexico it is illegal to take your hands off your handlebars or lift your feet off the pedals. That’s logical enough. What’s weird is that the law requiring riders to wear helmets was lifted entirely. Why? To encourage folks to share bicycles and ease traffic congestion. Contradiction? You bet.

2. No Gum Chewing

In Singapore, it is 100% illegal to chew gum. There are no exceptions, except if it is therapeutic. Otherwise you just can’t do it. Why? The reason isn’t exactly clear, although it probably had something to do with keeping the streets clean.

3. Better Wear Underwear

A smart law in some cases, but does it really have to be enforced by a fine of $600? You are not allowed to leave your home in Thailand if you are not wearing underwear. Who checks and enforces this, we wonder.

4. Don’t Tread On Cash

Also in Thailand, you better not drop money on the ground, and step on it. That’s illegal. Again, the why of it is a bit of a mystery. Thai laws are a little strange, it seems.

5. Cheating Is Bad

If you are at least 15 years old and are caught cheating on an exam in Bangladesh you will be sent to jail. So best get your cheating done young. One of the smarter laws really, as we’re sure a great deal more studying is done after learners tick over that 15-year milestone.

6. Don’t Touch That Bulb

In Victoria, Australia, you may not change a light bulb unless you are a trained electrician. We seriously doubt anyone follows this law, which was likely established to help electricians get rich quick. Or perhaps in a time when changing a bulb really did need a degree.

7. Till Death Do Us Part

In the Philippines and Vatican City you best mean it when you say death do us part. It is illegal to get divorced. Sort of makes you wonder just how low the marriage rates are, given the fact that escape is no longer allowed.

8. I Remembered, I Swear

In Samoa, if you forget your wife’s birthday, you’re going to jail. Who else thinks this law was passed by a very annoyed wife with a forgetful husband? He didn’t forget again, that much we know for sure.

9. Never Too Late

This one is the sort of pure gold that really makes you think hard about why the law was passed. In Utah, it is legal to marry your cousin, but only if both of you are over the age of 65.

10. Till Death Do Us Join?

Yet again, try imagining the set of circumstances that gave birth to this law. In France, it is illegal to marry a dead body. How often had it occurred that a specific law needed to made ensuring that it didn’t happen again? Perhaps it has something to do with claiming a dead guy’s estate after he died? Let your imagination run wild.

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