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Uninstalling the casino

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Uninstalling Vegas Palms

If for any reason the need arises for uninstalling the casino software at Vegas Palms Online Casino, there are some very simple steps to take. The uninstall process will remove the casino software from your PC, although some components may remain in your computer’s registry. Don’t be alarmed, though; these components cannot influence or affect your computer in any way – it remains as a record or history in the computer’s system, nothing more.

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How to Uninstall

Follow these steps to uninstall:
  1. Please click on the ‘Start’ button in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Find ‘Vegas Palms Online Casino’ in the list of programs that will be displayed.
  3. Hold your mouse cursor over ‘Vegas Palms Online Casino’. Another list will appear.
  4. This list should contain these options: ‘EULA’ (End User License Agreement); ‘Play at the Casino!’ and ‘Uninstall’. Select ‘Uninstall’.
  5. The casino will ask “Are you sure you want to uninstall Vegas Palms Online Casino?” If ‘yes’, select the blue ‘Uninstall’ button. If ‘no’, select ‘Close’.
  6. Selecting ‘Close’ will stop the process. Selecting ‘Uninstall’ will remove the casino from your PC.

NOTE: You will still have an account at the casino even if you uninstall the software. We will not use your private details even after you have uninstalled the casino. To stop receiving any communications from us, or to find out about locking or closing your account, click here.